Milko Kalaidjiev cried for his house

Milko Kalaidjiev cried for his house
Milko Kalaidjiev cried for his house
The NRA managed to sell the guest house of Milko Kalaidjiev in the Rhodope village of Mezek.

At the last, third auction, it was offered for an initial price of BGN 300,000 – half of its estimate and the amount requested at the first auction in the spring. In the previous two auctions, the revenue agency did not receive a single bid. But now, after the original price has been reduced by law in two steps, as many as four proposals have been submitted. The amount has already been paid by the applicant with the winning bid. However, the exact price achieved at the auction is a tax secret that the NRA does not disclose. The buyer is also kept secret.

Milko Kalaidjiev himself commented to “Telegraph” that he learned about the development of events with his house from the media. He also had no information about the buyer and the price he paid. “From 2020, I stopped being interested after I saw where things were going. As they said in the time of socialism – if a directive comes down from the party, there is nothing to be done,” said the singer. He commented bitterly that the politicians, driven past the “houses for mothers-in-law” scandal, ultimately saved their properties and no one is taking them from them.

Kalaidzhiev’s guest house burned down right next to this scandal, after the State Fund “Agriculture” began inspections of properties financed under the Rural Development Program. The state asked the singer to return the funding due to an unfulfilled business plan, although his house always it was used for its intended purpose and never for personal purposes, which is how the folk star’s property ended up on the counter.

According to Milko Kalaidjiev, the price of BGN 300,000 is very low. “Do you know how much an apartment in a neighborhood in Sofia costs 87 square meters – 140,000 euros. And the house is 340 square meters of built-up area. Now even with 600,000 BGN you can’t build such a house,” he said, but admitted that welcomes the end of the saga with his property with relief.

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