Nacho Panteleev, on his own initiative, gave additional statements to the police


According to the indictment, the person responsible for the accident with the dead Ferrari Spasov can receive from 3 to 8 years in prison

Nacho Panteleev, the person accused of the crash that ended in the death of football legend Ferrari Spasov, appeared at the police in Veliko Tarnovo on Thursday of his own accord, to give further explanations on the case in order to assist the investigation. At the same time, however, he tried to hide from the reporter’s microphones and cameras.

The district prosecutor’s office in Lovech, which is conducting the investigation of the serious accident near the village of Sheremetya, which ended in the death of Ferrario Spasov, has not yet summoned the accused Nacho Panteleev. The person responsible for the bloody accident has filed an application in which he insisted on giving additional testimony. On this occasion, he appeared at the police station in Veliko Tarnovo with his lawyer.

“He told everything he remembered doing. He presented facts and circumstances that, in my opinion, were not known to the investigators, the prosecutor’s office, or the public until now. The goal is that they can be verified. Panteleev also presented facts that, in my opinion, determine his responsibility, that is, that he is also to blame for this traffic accident,” commented lawyer Ventsislav Foti.

At the moment, the person accused of the brutal accident is under remand and lives with his family in Lyaskovets.

“At the address in Lyaskovets, he lives on rent and has a contract for this. He and his family have not removed any items from this residence. If there is any export, it is not done by him. Panteleev feels extremely devastated, the word he uses to describe what happened is “terrible tragedy”7. He is worried and does not want to leave his house. He does not go out unless he is called to report to the police. In addition, he fears for the life and health of his family,” added lawyer Foti.

According to Panteleev’s accusation, the Penal Code provides for 3 to 8 years of imprisonment. However, the prosecutor’s office stated that in the course of the investigation, new circumstances may lead to a change in the original charge, as well as in the remand order.


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