Veliko Tarnovo ranks tenth in terms of corruption in the Local Integrity System Index

Veliko Tarnovo ranks tenth in terms of corruption in the Local Integrity System Index
Veliko Tarnovo ranks tenth in terms of corruption in the Local Integrity System Index

Veliko Tarnovo is in tenth place in the Index of the Local Integrity System according to the analysis of the Association “Transparency without Borders”, which is part of the project “Index of the Local Integrity System – Sustainable Business Development”

This became clear during a round table in the Regional Administration – Veliko Tarnovo, held on November 16 with representatives of several municipalities in Bulgaria, who discussed anti-corruption strategies and approaches at the local level. The index of the local system of integrity is an annual study of the anti-corruption capacity, role and importance of institutions and sectors of public, political and economic life in all 27 municipalities, which are regional centers, and includes: Municipal Council, Mayor, Municipal Administration, local political parties, business, media, civil society, municipal healthcare. As a result of the conducted monitoring and analysis, an annual “Index of the Local Integrity System in Bulgaria” is published.

The meeting was opened by the regional governor Ivaylo Zdravkov, who was categorical that the commitment of local institutions is extremely important for the effective counteraction of corruption, especially in cases of received reports.

For his part, the executive director of the “Transparency without Borders” association, Kalin Slavov, stated that the purpose of such round tables is precisely to identify good practices in places and to promote their exchange between the 27 municipalities under investigation. In addition, it is necessary to work for the increasingly active inclusion of the civil sector in the management and decision-making processes concerning the municipalities.

According to the analysis of “Transparency without borders” for the year 2022, from the institutions of local government and local self-government in Veliko Tarnovo, the Municipal Administration received the highest rating with an index of 3.95 points out of 5 possible.

The mayor has 3.62 points. Among the reasons for the high assessment of the administration are the built systems for providing administrative services, including electronic services. The municipal council receives a rating of 3.37 points. The main positives in his work are related to the effective demand for accountability from the mayor and the administration, as well as in ensuring publicity regarding the discussed documents.

In July 2023, the experts of the Association “Transparency without Borders” once again surveyed the representatives of the local institutions. At the end of the year, the snapshot of the local government at the end of the 2019-2023 mandate will be clear.

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