The EC is suing Bulgaria for the lack of rules on the rights of crime victims


The European Commission is suing Bulgaria before the Court of Justice of the European Union because our country has not yet transposed into its legislation two of the provisions of the Directive on the Rights of Crime Victims, the EC reports.

The deadline for introducing the rules into national legislation expired eight years ago – on November 16, 2015.

The European rules, which have not been implemented in our country, contribute to the protection of the right of crime victims to access information and support services. All victims of crime in the EU should receive appropriate information, support and protection, and they themselves can participate in criminal proceedings. Victims of crimes should receive respectful treatment, tact, understanding, professionalism, without any discrimination, from everyone who comes into contact with them, the EC states.

In 2019, the EC initiated 25 criminal proceedings against EU countries for incomplete implementation of the new rules, and so far all have been closed, with the exception of the proceedings against Bulgaria.

In January 2016, the EC sent an official notification letter to our country, and in March 2019, it took follow-up actions.

“After numerous contacts with the Bulgarian authorities after 2019 and taking into account the latest responses, the EC decided to file a claim, as two provisions have not yet been introduced into the Bulgarian legislation,” the announcement noted.


The EC specifies that they will ask the EU Court to impose a financial fine on our country.

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