RZI-Vratsa: Covid is under control and it is logical to lift the quarantine



They canceled the mandatory one quarantine and isolation for those infected and contacts of those infected with COVID-19. The changes to the Health Law were accepted by the deputies in the parliament with complete unanimity. In recent years, due to the spread of the virus, society had to go through serious trials, including several lockdowns. Every sphere of public life was affected and had to adapt to reality. As time progressed and vaccines against the virus appeared, the restrictions fell one by one. The situation with the coronavirus seems to be under control to date, so it is also logical that the decision to remove COVID-19 from the list of infectious diseases requiring mandatory isolation. The director of the Regional Health Inspection (RZI) in Vratsa commented on this for Radio VIDIN Dr. Orlin Dimitrov:

“In my opinion, as someone who mainly works on this matter and reading articles by leading Bulgarian specialists, I am in favor of canceling the quarantine. I think that covid is subsiding and is sufficiently under control for the National Assembly to take this decision to cancel the quarantine. In my personal opinion, this means that covid is so under control worldwide that we will treat it already as a flu epidemic that hits us every year… The decision has been made, we are waiting for its publication in the State Gazette once it is published in the State Gazette, the decision of the National Assembly is already in force… We continue vaccination, we do good campaigns for vaccination against covid. Even yesterday, 21 people passed through the RZI office. We have permanent people who want to be vaccinated.. .Our office works with the working hours of the RZI, that is, Monday-Friday, and vaccines are administered from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Even I myself have been vaccinated with both the flu vaccine and the new vaccine against the strain that is spreading covid right now… We’re targeting the chronically ill and people over the age of 60, 65 who are more susceptible to these infections and trying to convince them that they should get vaccinated.”

The decision not to have mandatory isolation for those sick with COVID-19 is the right one, they said Vidincans in a poll:

“We know that the covid quarantine is being lifted. It doesn’t bother us, it’s the right decision. We have vaccines for what we need. When we go somewhere indoors with many people, we put on a mask ourselves… Very good, because otherwise there are always bans. I’m not worried. Right, because it’s like a common flu, it’s not like it used to be so dangerous… It seems to me that covid is like a common flu lately and it’s unnecessary to wear masks.. .”

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