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The deputies did not vote the vote of no confidence in the “Denkov” cabinet


The National Assembly did not vote the vote of no confidence in the “Denkov” cabinet. The reason for this was that immediately before the vote, the proposal for a three-day period to drop the derogation for the import of Russian oil was rejected, and GERB and DPS left the hall.

66 people’s representatives voted in support of the government, and 61 were “against”. The BSP demanded a re-vote on the proposal and a recess, during which the deputies from GERB-SDS and DPS would return to the hall.

After the resumption of the meeting, Georgi Svilenski from BSP said that his colleagues from GERB-SDS and DPS did not return, therefore he proposed to end the meeting and continue tomorrow with the re-voting. Ivan Chenchev requested a quorum check.

In the end, the speaker of the parliament, Rosen Zhelyazkov, checked the quorum, but only 64 deputies registered. It was necessary to leave for another break before the re-voting, after which the situation remained unchanged – GERB and DPS again did not enter the hall and 63 deputies registered. Due to lack of quorum, Zhelyazkov closed the meeting.

The vote of no confidence, on the topic of “Defense and Security”, was submitted by the parliamentary groups of “BSP for Bulgaria”, “Vazrazhdane” and “There is such a people”. According to the petitioners, the government’s decisions in the “Security” sector are not made according to the real needs of the country, but according to foreign political and economic interests.

The debates on the second vote of no confidence lasted over four hours. The opposition accused the cabinet of working against national security and serving foreign interests with the purchase of armored personnel carriers and donations to Ukraine.


“Decisions in the sphere of security and defense are not motivated by real concern for the people and the state, but by personal political commitments to foreign countries,” said Christian Vigenin of the BSP.

“Congratulations were bought, but it did not contribute to the combat capability of the army,” said Nikolay Drenchev from “Vazrazhdane”.


The Minister of Defense, Todor Tagarev, accused the voters of the disinformation campaign, which they are conducting, of helping to reduce the defense capabilities of the country.

According to Kiril Petkov from the PP-DB, “the defense, based on old Russian machines, may evoke nostalgia in some, but in reality, their current implementation and real combat capability is many times worse than the technologies that the Bulgarian government acquires”.

GERB and DPS remained silent in the hall, but expressed their support for the government from the sidelines of the parliament.

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