The lack of staff is the big problem of the neonatology department at the hospital in Veliko Tarnovo, according to Dr. Kina Nikolova


The lack of personnel is the big problem of the neonatology department in the hospital in Veliko Tarnovo, said the head of the hospital structure, Dr. Kina Nikolova.
On the eve of the World Day dedicated to premature babies – November 17, in the press club of the BTA in Veliko Tarnovo, specialist neonatologists from the Veliko Tarnovo Hospital met with the parents of children who passed through the department.
In front of the journalists, Dr. Nikolova described the condition of the department, which meets all the requirements of category 2, with apparatus and equipment, but emphasized that the major deficit is in personnel, and the shortage will worsen in the coming years, she predicted.
“We need at least four more doctors and four more nurses or midwives, Dr. Nikolova said, stressing that continuity is essential for the department to continue operating to standards.
From the beginning of 2023 until November 16, 919 babies cried in the maternity ward of the hospital. Of these, there are four diapers weighing from 1000 to 1500 grams, 14 from 1500 to 2000 grams, and 68 from 2000 to 2500 grams, and the total percentage of premature children is nine. The main causes of premature birth are related to vaginal and viral infections, the age factor, chronic diseases of the mother, in vitro conception and others, the experts explained.
The only specialist in the department is Dr. Ralitsa Petrova. She is 27 years old, from Aytos, she chose to specialize in neonatology at the Medical University in Pleven, and in the Department of Neonatology at the Veliko Tarnovo Hospital, she found her team of heart doctors, midwives and nurses. “Neonatology is a specialty in which we take care of healthy children, and the hope in the eyes of the parents is what motivates me to work more and more dedicatedly,” pointed out Dr. Petrova and expressed the hope that the “Neonatology” specialty will also be chosen by others of hers colleagues.
“The work is specific because it requires 24-hour attention to the little heroes, but you can’t do your duties without heart and soul,” said senior nurse Maria Nesheva, adding that she expects to pass on her skills and knowledge to those also dedicated to the profession of nurses and midwives.
Preslava Bankova, Virginia Krasteva and Ivanka Yankova are mothers of premature children. Today they thanked Dr. Kina Nikolova and her team for their dedication, affection and love for their children who passed through the ward. According to the parents, it is very important that the care of premature babies does not end after discharge, but at least two years after with the monitoring and multidisciplinary approach that the ward specialists provide.

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