A team of chefs from Burgas won the International Pizza Championship with a unique recipe


Chef Angelov and Chef Manchev congratulated the champions from Maisons Premium

16 November 2023Thursday, 5:35 p.m.

Author: Flagman. Bg

An authoritative jury called their performance “the best pizza ever made in the format of the championship”

The team – chef Stefan Enchev and Jeyhan Jaferov, from the Maisons Premium restaurant won first place at the VI International Pizza Championship. In the Pizza in Due category, the duo from Burgas beat the competition with their unique recipe for Carpaccio di polpo (Octopus carpaccio).

Chef Enchev and master pizzeria Ceyhan demonstrated high cuisine at Inter Expo Center Sofia.

They were evaluated by an International Jury composed of: Daniel Zlatkovic (Serbia), Zoran Palamaro (Macedonia), Valentin Ivanov (Bulgaria), Alessandro Scandola (Italy), Graziano Bertuzzo (Italy) and Tiziano de Filippis (Italy).

“For us, the biggest prize is the opinion of these chefs, who ranked us ahead of their compatriots and a reality star from the Bulgarian format of Hell’s Kitchen,” said Stefan Enchev.

The presentation, the combination of several techniques and the way of working are among the criteria that contribute the most to the victory.

The idea for Carpaccio di polpo (Octopus carpaccio) was born during a normal working day at Maison’s Premium restaurant. “I was developing a recipe with octopus that I had made at Gordon Ramsay’s River Restaurant in the landmark Savoy 5* hotel in London, and Ceyhan just suggested that the ingredients would also be very suitable for pizza,” says Chef Enchev.

Chef Stefan Enchev and the creative pizzeria Jeyhan Jaferov with the medals and cup from the competition

The elements that impressed the international jury very much are: the pizza base, which in this case has been replaced with Romesco sauce, and the octopus crpacho, which resembles the traditional shape of a sausage, but is actually a completely different product, the two masters explain.

The authoritative member of the jury, the Italian Alessandro Scandola, calls the masterpiece of the two chefs “the best pizza made in the format of the championship so far”

In front of Flagman.bg, Maison’s Premium opens the curtain and admits that in a few days, on Monday, November 20th, they will present the restaurant’s new menu, and it will include the champion pizza.

We remind you that this summer at 129 San Stefano Blvd., the former Atagen Hotel, many events took place that led to the realization of Maison’s Premium. The restaurant has a completely new concept for the city, which impresses the residents and guests of Burgas.

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