“Agrion” donated funds to the BCHK for children in need

“Agrion” donated funds to the BCHK for children in need
“Agrion” donated funds to the BCHK for children in need
A hot lunch for hundreds of children was provided with funds from the purchase of land. The largest land property management company “Agrion” presented a donation to the Bulgarian Red Cross, with which coupons for school chairs will be purchased.

It is expected that, thanks to this help, nearly 1,800 children in difficult situations from all over the country will be helped this year.

“We are extremely proud to help the Bulgarian Red Cross in this noble mission. At the heart of our business model lies the understanding that the land should not be left empty, but cultivated in order to have food on every table. With the campaign, we provide lunch for every child in need, in order to make our contribution to the eradication of poverty in the country. On the other hand, we help Bulgarian agriculture to produce more and better quality food for every table”, said the executive director of Agrion when presenting the donation Anatoli Georgiev.

Our campaign with “Agrion” was extremely successful and I hope that your example will be followed by other companies as well. BCHK has always relied on Bulgarian business as a partner in the causes we support, said the general director of the organization Prof. Krasimir Gigov.

The campaign of “Agrion” and BCHK started in the summer, and anyone who wanted to sell their land could participate in it. For every acre purchased, the largest land property management company “Agrion” allocated funds to purchase a warm lunch to a child in difficulty.

Due to the increased interest, the campaign will continue until the end of the year.

Owners who want to join the campaign and sell land to Agrion will receive a free valuation of their property, legal advice, as well as assistance with all the necessary documents through the company’s website www.agrion.bg, as well as on the national telephone number 0800 111 66. The transaction process is almost entirely digital, which saves time and money.

The experts apply an individual approach to each inquiry to guarantee a transparent and adequate price. Unlike other companies, “Agrion” does not use the average valuation method for a given piece of land, which distorts pricing, but forms the price of the specific property in accordance with a specially created algorithm, including various components.

This guarantees good income for the owners, and now an opportunity to support a good cause, commented the company.

You can read more about the campaign here

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