Teddy Moskov’s directorial debut in Haskovo with the author’s play “Love in the Hay”

Teddy Moskov’s directorial debut in Haskovo with the author’s play “Love in the Hay”
Teddy Moskov’s directorial debut in Haskovo with the author’s play “Love in the Hay”

Love at first, second and in general at every sight. This is how the feeling left by director Teddy Moskov when he talks about the young troupe of the Ivan Dimov Drama and Puppet Theater in Haskovo can be described in one sentence.

He has been invited many times to perform on the Haskovo stage, but because of his commitment, he still doesn’t make it here. However, this changes from the collected impressions of the actors in their work in “The Laughter of the Heart”, a production by director Atanas Atanasov and “Shakespeare’s play Twelfth Night”, staged by Anastasia Sabeva. My easiest first meeting with actors is with these actors, and therefore with them is also my easiest work, said Teddy Moskov in the short break of the rehearsal immediately before the premiere of his latest directorial signature – the production “Love in the Hay” . The text is authored by Moskov and was inspired by the Italian film “Tango of Jealousy” starring Monica Vitti.

“I took the situation from this film and developed it into a topic about where it is more romantic to make love – in the royal palace or in the hayloft,” said Teddy Moskov about the topic that provoked him.

The actors in the play include: Ivanka Shekerova, Nikola Manolevski, Stefan Kondrov, Izabela Ivanova, Konstantin Nikolov, and the newest additions to the theater troupe, Maria Bankova and Simeon Chaushev. The scenography is by Leonard Capon, the composer is Antoni Donchev. Adriana Naydenova worked on the costumes.

When asked where he gets his sense of humor – so subtle and so well woven as a provocation both in his communication in everyday life, and in his work with actors, and as a hot potato handed to the audience, the director replied that, in fact, one does not learn humor , learns to tolerate ridicule.

So philosophically, he also gives an answer as to how he accepts Radoj Ralin’s catchphrase “The world survived because it laughed.” “It’s easy to get away when you laugh at your enemies. But even if I had laughed while a car hit me in Germany, I still wouldn’t have survived. The world has survived not because it depends on us, but on the Creator. “

Teddy Moskov is not easy to work with, but extremely helpful. Definitely, every actor, walking his path, should meet this director, Ivanka Shekerova, an actress from the troupe of the theater in Haskovo, is categorical about the collaboration with him.

Like jumping into deep water and emerging like that, Simeon Chaushev, who has recently been part of the troupe, identified the great chance to work with Teddy Moskov.

Love in the Hay premieres on November 17.

Krasimira Slavova

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