A student from the Mathematics Department in Plovdiv created software to detect flu

A student from the Mathematics Department in Plovdiv created software to detect flu
A student from the Mathematics Department in Plovdiv created software to detect flu

Another reason to be proud of the successes of the students from the Mathematical High School “Acad. Kiril Popov” brought the award to Stoyan Ganchev at the VII Exhibition-competition of youth technical creativity in Gorna Oryahovitsa. The 11th grader was honored with the top prize for his medical software development, which impressed a lot of judges and organizers. Stoyan Ganchev received a plaque from the Municipality of Gorna Oryahovitsa, a diploma and an award of BGN 1,000 for his overall performance.

47 teams and over 170 pupils, students, young people from real business and universities participated in the Seventh Edition of the Exhibition-Competition of Youth Technical Creativity.

Stoyan Ganchev wins the jury and the award with his medical software for detecting and analyzing flu symptoms with real-time feedback hardware. “Personal health is often overlooked these days. Technology can be used to help people pay more attention to significant symptoms in their bodies. We offer as a solution a 3D modeled and printed smart device controlled by an Esp32 controller. It does not allow people to ignore the symptoms and will inform them in case of detection of a disease,” the tenth grader shares his idea. The innovative product can monitor and store information on blood oxygen level, body temperature, heart rate, perform real-time analysis and provide feedback via LEDs. The collected data is transmitted to trained neural networks with high accuracy (94% and 96%), which predict whether the user is sick or not and whether they are infected with Covid-19 and warn if the body parameters are life-threatening.

Stoyan Ganchev’s next idea is software that can help drivers. “In the future, I plan to create an algorithm to identify drowsy drivers. I believe this will help reduce the number of road accidents. In addition, it will allow the detection of some diseases related to unconscious falling asleep,” the student, whose successes Mathematical High School “Acad. Kiril Popov” has reason to be proud.

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