Radev: We are cutting European prospects ourselves

Radev: We are cutting European prospects ourselves
Radev: We are cutting European prospects ourselves

“Bulgaria is already pointing the finger as an unreliable partner”, President Rumen Radev said this evening, commenting on the additional contribution that Bulgaria introduced for the transit of Russian gas via “Turkey Stream”. In front of journalists, he hastily commented on the vote of no confidence and immediately after that he started talking about the “ruin” of the energy sector and the harmfulness of the contribution.

“A month ago I warned that the new energy contribution will decapitalize “Bulgartransgaz” and there will be a strong negative reaction in Europe. Then the rulers denied, only today they are beginning to realize the damage. Next year’s budget will not include the billions from the contribution, predicted Radev.

“Hungary will most likely appeal to the Court of the EU,” Radev also said

“The same Hungary, which is our partner and with which we have historical and cultural ties,” he pointed out. We note that the contribution was not made directly to Hungary, but to “Gazprom”, which carries out the transit of gas through the “Tusk Stream” pipeline.

It is not clear why the president decided to protect Hungary’s interest instead of Bulgaria’s – to get our money from Gazprom.

Radev also spoke about the Finance Minister’s interview with Velt. In the words of the president, commenting on Vassilev’s statements, “Bulgaria is clearly becoming narrow-minded for the obsession with greatness of some people who are already trying to dictate the decisions of sovereign states – of our partners”.

“I am following with serious concern what is happening in the National Assembly. The majority must realize that power is, first of all, a conscious responsibility to the citizens, and not a gambling trickery. While parliament and government are playing for power, processes with a strong destructive charge are taking place.

Don’t you see that we are ruining our energy and economy ourselves. We cut the European perspective. We are sabotaging our own national priorities.”

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