I don’t want deputy mayor for sports, Bukhalov is suitable

I don’t want deputy mayor for sports, Bukhalov is suitable
I don’t want deputy mayor for sports, Bukhalov is suitable

Mayor Kostadin Dimitrov refused Georgi Tityukov

The Olympic vice-champion from Jordan Yovchev was spotted in the early afternoon in front of the Plovdiv municipality, where the mayor Kostadin Dimitrov personally welcomed him. The two embraced like old friends and entered the building at 1 Stefan Stambolov Square.

“Will you be the new deputy mayor for sports, youth and social activities”, asked “24 Chasa” to Yovchev. He categorically denied that he wanted such a post. According to him, Nikolay Bukhalov is suitable. “Every sports person gets up, and Niki is exceptional,” commented Yovchev.

Bukhalov is a representative of “Causa Bulgaria”, which is part of “United for Plovdiv”. The formation has 8 municipal councilors and has given a clear request that it will support the ruling majority. The former Deputy Mayor Georgi Tityukov, who ran this department, also participated in the formation.

Mayor Kostadin Dimitrov has said that he is ready to give “United for Plovdiv” a vice-mayor post, but he has set a condition that it will not be occupied by Tityukov. In the coalition, they believe that the post can be offered to Bukhalov, as well as to the previous head of the social directorate, Veselina Boteva, and to former municipal councilor Rumyana Tolova.

Asked for a comment, Olympic champion Nikolay Bukhalov thanked Yordan Yovchev, but specified that this was a matter of a party decision. “If they give this department to us, there are other proposals,” he said, mentioning the names of Boteva and Tolova.

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