Maria Gabriel: Bulgaria and Germany share common priorities

Maria Gabriel: Bulgaria and Germany share common priorities
Maria Gabriel: Bulgaria and Germany share common priorities

The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Maria Gabriel is on an official visit to Germany at the invitation of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Analena Berbok. Highlights of the talks held today between the two were issues on the bilateral and European agenda.

“Thank you for the invitation and for the constructive and open conversation. The cooperation between Bulgaria and Germany is long-term and strategic. Our common priorities and joint actions on key topics of the European agenda contribute to more security and development of both countries. In this context, I thank Germany for its categorical support for Bulgaria’s Schengen membership. This is important for our country and for the Bulgarian people,” said Deputy Prime Minister Gabriel.

She emphasized that Bulgaria highly values ​​Germany’s continued support for the country’s membership in the OECD and the Eurozone. Among the topics discussed at the meeting were bilateral relations in the field of security and internal affairs, the fight against illegal migration, which remains a key priority, opportunities to expand investments. A great potential for interaction in the fields of innovation, energy, tourism, education and culture was also reported.

“I am happy to note the similarity in the positions of Bulgaria and Germany on a number of important topics on the international agenda, including support for Ukraine, the situation in the Middle East, the EU enlargement policy, women in diplomacy,” said Maria Gabriel.

The two countries will also continue their joint efforts to combat disinformation and hybrid threats. “We all realize that any of the topics we talk about can be a victim of such attacks, and that’s why we have to be very strong in countering them,” commented Gabriel.

“Let me assure you that in my person, in the person of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in Bulgaria, you have a partner who is open to making our extremely good cooperation even more constructive and being part of debates that will bring benefits to Bulgaria, to Germany and for Europe,” concluded Deputy Prime Minister Maria Gabriel.

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