This is how the renovations are going in 3 gardens in Yuzhen

This is how the renovations are going in 3 gardens in Yuzhen
This is how the renovations are going in 3 gardens in Yuzhen

Atanas Kunchev, Mayor of Yuzhen, visited the three kindergartens in the area, where renovation works are being carried out – DG “Osmi Mart”, DG “Zornitsa” and DG “Svetlina”.

In “Osmi Mart”, things are coming to an end, there are still finishing works, but together with the director Mrs. Eli Grozeva, we received an assurance from the contractor that it will be possible to gradually return the children to the finished premises, he announced. Firms will try to start with one group from next week. By the end of November, the repairs will be completed and all children will be able to settle in their already renovated classrooms, Kunchev said.

At “Zornitsa”, I was impressed by the renovated and beautiful yard, which is almost ready, as soon as I entered. According to the information of the executive and the director, Mrs. Tina Tkachova, within a week, the repair works will be completed and the work on the furniture will begin, after which many children from the neighborhood will have the opportunity to visit a new, spacious and welcoming playground, commented the mayor of Yuzhen.

In Svetlina, the renovation work is going according to plan. With the director Mrs. Emilia Trancheva, we commented on slight remarks on the implementation and gave directions to remove them, Atanas Kunchev also said.

He assured that he would strictly monitor the observance of the promised deadlines.

In addition to the three gardens under renovation, Kunchev also visited the “Zdravets” DG, which was informed by the director Stoyan Daskalov that it was in a bad basic condition.

It definitely is and I will be working towards starting a major renovation there as well, I hope we can start one in the near future because it is a fun place to visit, with good and friendly staff and most of all with wonderful children who deserve better conditions, concluded the new mayor of the largest Plovdiv region.

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