They teach students about cultural heritage

They teach students about cultural heritage
They teach students about cultural heritage

With active training in a real environment and sharing of good practices at Hindliyan House, the second module of the mentoring training program, created at the beginning of 2023 at the idea of ​​the teams of the Municipal Institute “Ancient Plovdiv” and the Vocational High School of Tourism “Prof. Dr. Asen Zlatarov” – Plovdiv.

The intensive program includes lectures, meetings and practical training in the field of preservation and protection of movable and immovable cultural values ​​and promotion of the Bulgarian cultural and historical heritage.

The idea for this initiative came from tour guide Vangel Iliev, editor Rosen Tanev and Savo Khadzhigenov, professor from PGT Prof. Dr. Asen Zlatarov.

The cooperation between OI “Ancient Plovdiv” and PGT “Prof. Dr. Asen Zlatarov” is the result of the “Partnership Agreement” signed at the beginning of the year, the purpose of which is to develop bilateral relations between the two institutions for conducting various cultural and educational initiatives in the field of cultural tourism.

After the signing, a five-month training course for high school students began, in which they got to know the various objects managed by the Institute, the specifics of their service, the methods of giving talks and tours, and the policy of protecting the cultural heritage of our city.

The educational tours of the program were highly appreciated by the youth. In addition to the opportunity to acquire in-depth knowledge in the field of tourism, the high school students learned many interesting details about the most emblematic sights, under the management of the institute – Hindliyan House, the Episcopal Basilica of Philippopolis, the Small Early Christian Basilica, the Balaban House, the Nedkovich House, the Klianti House, Ancient Theater, Roman Stadium, Stambolian House, Hippocrates Museum Pharmacy and the Permanent Exhibition of Zlatyu Boyadzhiev.

In July this year the graduates of the Asen Zlatarov Vocational High School of Tourism conducted their production practice at the Institute, learning how to give talks, offer, sell and print different types of route tickets, and the curators introduced the young staff to the processes of house inventory.

The module will continue in 2024, and at the beginning of July, high school students with the “Organization of Tourism and Leisure” profile will have the opportunity to conduct their internship at the Institute. Some of the previous participants in it as interns are now part of the team of OI “Ancient Plovdiv”.

Specialists Vangel Iliev, Rosen Tanev, Valya Angelova, Antoineta Perdikatseva, Tatyana Yordanova, Yordanka Parpulova and Angelina Yanakieva took part in the work of the mentoring program for the promotion of the objects of the OI “Ancient Plovdiv”.

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