The youngest school “Slaveykov” turned 39 years old

The youngest school “Slaveykov” turned 39 years old
The youngest school “Slaveykov” turned 39 years old

November 17 is the patron saint’s day of the largest school in southern Bulgaria – SU “Petko Rachov Slaveykov” – Kardzhali. Almost from the beginning of the month, there are initiatives and events related to the holiday. The traditional Slavic Week has turned into a Slavic Month, as until the end of November, the events on the calendar for the holiday will not stop.
Today, according to tradition, took place with student self-government. Precisely at 8 o’clock in the morning, the director Milko Bagdasarov handed over the symbol of power – the owl medallion – to the president of the Student Parliament Viktoria Mihailova. She presented her team to the teachers present in the teacher’s room, thanked for the honor once again for the students to step into the shoes of the management and the teachers, and gathered her management team into action.
There were special events, exhibitions and activities for the children of general support, in the lessons of the younger teachers were replaced by the older students, the results of realized projects were presented, exhibitions of student paintings and activities of clubs in which they can join more willing. All day long the school is seething and seething, as befits a holiday.
At noon, thanks to the good weather, a concert of the talents of “Slaveykov” took place in the yard. Vocal groups, dance ensembles, aerobics athletes, cheerleaders, karate demonstrations, awards for athletes, a recital with a message from the patron saint of the school – an extravaganza of festive faces and smiles. And a new song – a surprise for the holiday, which is already circulating on social networks. This is the emotion in “Slaveykov” – a big family of happy people of different ages.
Neshka Shopova

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