The court cut down the suspended head of the criminal police group in Stamboliyski Damyan Kapov


The former head of the criminal group in the regional administration in Stamboliyski, Damyan Kapov, tried to appeal in court the order of the interior minister for his removal from office. The order in question was reached in August, after the brutal murder of Dimitar Malinov from Tsalapitsa, and it stated that inspector Damyan Kapov would be temporarily removed from the position of “intelligence officer V degree” in the “Criminal Police” group at the RU-Stamboliyski, as his service card, personal badge and service weapon will be confiscated.

In the reasons for the order, it is stated that if he is not removed, the position he holds may give him the opportunity to influence citizens, obstruct and complicate the investigation of the disciplinary proceedings against him. It is also accepted that as an intelligence officer in the “Criminal Police” sector, Kapov was responsible for the area of ​​the village of Tsalapitsa, and in the decision of the Administrative Court it is written that his temporary suspension is requested because he could have put pressure on Malinov’s relatives and others residents of the village, thereby preventing the disclosure of the objective truth.

However, according to Damyan Kapov, the disputed order is illegal, because it is not stated why it is assumed that if the employee continues to perform his official duties, it will make it difficult to reveal the objective truth, which is why it is requested to cancel it and award the costs incurred.

We remind you that on August 2, the Minister of the Interior ordered an investigation into the legality of the actions of the police officers related to the murder in Tsalapitsa.

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According to the court, in the contested order, it is explicitly stated that the applicant is a detective in the “Criminal Police” group at RU-Stamboliyski and as such was obliged to prevent crimes, as well as to avoid rude and unprofessional treatment of Malinov’s relatives. In the court decision, it is also written that he did not fulfill these official duties, he committed an act that is unethical for an employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, by damaging the prestige of the office and thwarting the timely detection of a serious criminal offense and the arrest of the perpetrators. This, in turn, has been the subject of numerous reports, comments in the media since July 2023 and up until now, as well as the cause of civil discontent and heaps of protests.

Thus, the Administrative Court in Plovdiv rejected Inspector Kapov’s appeal. It was ordered to confiscate his official card, insignia and official weapon, starting from the date of familiarization with the order.

Rhowever, the decision can be appealed to the Supreme Administrative Court.

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