I’m angry about what happened last night

I’m angry about what happened last night
I’m angry about what happened last night

I am deeply outraged and angry by what we witnessed last night in Sofia. The topic of sports was replaced by ugly scenes, scandals, violence. I have said many times that the leadership of individual public sports organizations does not end with the question of fighting for your position. You must be able to manage processes so that they benefit the organization you lead.

This was said by the former Minister of Youth and Sports, member of the IOC commission and president of the Bulgarian Shooting Union Vesela Lecheva in a comment for Actualno.com today. Lecheva commented on last night’s riots in Sofia, the injured policemen and fans, the burnt cars, the broken pegs and other objects after the protest against the BFS management.

“The measure is very important. When you violate this measure, this is what happens. You can’t be in football for 18 years, see that you have lost the trust of the football community, the fans and citizens and not draw the right conclusions,” she added.

“Unfortunately, these guys we knew from 1994, who made us proud with their achievements, will go down in history today for not being successful in managing football. Last night’s picture will remain in people’s minds, not that of the successes. The measure is important – to leave when you are no longer useful,” said the five-time world shooting champion and added that honor and dignity should be the most important for an athlete.

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