By decision of the Regional Epizootic Commission in Targovishte, the sale of birds and their production is prohibited


By decision of the Regional Epizootic Commission on the territory of Targovishte region, it is prohibited to organize and hold markets for all types of domestic animals and birds, including exotic ones, as well as animal products. Inspections will be carried out in the markets, the Regional Administration announced after a committee meeting today, held due to the worsening epizootic situation regarding the highly pathogenic bird flu in our country.
The outdoor breeding of poultry of all types and categories is also prohibited until the measures are canceled by order.
The meeting was led by the deputy regional governor of Targovishte district Petya Kirilova. The director of the Regional Directorate for Food Safety (ODBH) in Targovishte, Ivan Ivanov, presented information about the confirmed outbreaks of the disease in poultry farms located in the territory of Veliko Tarnovo, Pazardzhik, Haskovo and Dobrich regions.
“Over one million two hundred thousand birds have been affected by the disease so far. Unlike other viruses, this one is also dangerous for humans, so they must be very careful and cautious,” said Dr. Emil Zafirov, head of the department “Animal health” in ODBH – Targovishte.
He added that in the last 10 years there have been no registered deaths from bird flu in the district. And at the moment, 1.5 million broilers and 700 thousand laying hens are bred on the territory of Targovishte.
“We convened the committee due to the worsening epizootic situation in the country. In the past 20 days, seven outbreaks of influenza have been registered in our country. The situation is not to be underestimated, therefore we appeal to the owners of poultry to be extremely careful and to report promptly if they suspect they are sick animals,” Deputy Regional Governor Petya Kirilova told BTA.
Specific biosecurity measures were voted. It is about the implementation of enhanced surveillance of wild birds in cooperation with ornithological societies and national hunting associations, state forestry enterprises and regional forest directorates. Joint inspections will be carried out for the presence of sick or dead wild migratory or resident birds.
“Conducting information campaigns for poultry owners, hunters, veterinary medical specialists, regarding compliance with biosecurity measures, is extremely important in order to limit the spread of highly pathogenic avian influenza,” the members of the Regional Epizootic Commission are emphatic.

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