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The honorary chairman of the “Movement for Rights and Freedoms” Ahmed Dogan sent a message to the members of the Central Council of the DPS, which is currently being held in Sofia.

As earlier “Focus” reported, Ahmed Dogan did not attend the Central Council. He is currently in charge of the operational functions of the party following the resignation of Mustafa Karadayi as party chairman.

In his speech, Dogan emphasized that his return to operational politics was an “existential burden” for him, which, he said, “confused his personal being.”

Dogan is adamant that he is not returning to politics by choice, but out of necessity. He clearly states that he is not a “self-sufficient political entity” that would bring Bulgaria into Schengen and equalize the standard of living of Bulgarians with that of Western Europeans.

According to him, the role of the DPS in the modern political environment is related to the transfer of the values ​​of respect for the rights and freedoms of people and minorities. However, he hints that the change of generations also requires a rethinking of values.

Dogan thanked Karadai for his role in the Movement throughout the years and noted that it was the product of a 30-year investment. He hints that his resignation has its background. The honorary chairman of the DPS does not fail to praise Delyan Peevski, saying that he has turned from “the most reviled to the most significant partner for all parliamentary groups”.

Ahmed Dogan calls on politicians to look at the pressing problems facing the country and points out the demographic crisis as one of the main and biggest problems facing Bulgaria.

The entire message:

Dear ladies and gentlemen, colleagues!

I have not assumed in the last 11 years that I would have to return to operational politics. This is an existential burden for me, which in a certain sense confuses my personal being.

Secondly, I am unpleasantly surprised by the over-expectations of various analysts from my upcoming stay in the field of what is happening in political realities. Over the past three decades, I have repeatedly had to witness the beginnings and ends of social over-expectations. They are always related to crisis perceptions of political realities and have the same profile of dramatic ending. Also, I’m not a fan of savior heroes in history because they by definition mislead society with delusional notions of its future.

I am returning not by my will, but by political necessity. It is inappropriate to associate this fact with the geopolitical configurations of the Balkans, the Caucasus and the Middle East. I do not see myself as a self-sufficient political entity and a visionary who can chart our path to Schengen and the achievement of average European living standards.

My only motivation for being among you is the current state and future development of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms party. DPS is my fate, for the umpteenth time I am convinced that a person cannot be freed from calling for help to his creations.

Like any other party, DPS is a product of historical circumstances related to the preservation and protection of human identity. In this regard, DPS must always be updated and stand up to time. All the problems in the Balkans, including the Republic of North Macedonia and Kosovo, have an ethnic origin. The wars in Ukraine and the Middle East also have such a genesis. Ever since the mythological time of the Tower of Babel, the world has been reshaped and constructed according to dominant identities. What civilization was able to add in the 20th century was respect for the rights and freedoms of man and minorities, as the basic values ​​of our world. DPS is the subject and bearer of this valuable achievement. Generational change in politics should always rethink this case study. Because the problem of identity is related to the freedom and dignity of man and is laid at the foundation of the modern liberal world.

I want to express my current attitude towards Mr. Mustafa Karadai and Mr. Delyan Peevski:

The surprising resignation of Mr. Mustafa Karadai clearly has a background and development. In this case, I just want to point out that he has undeniable merits for the establishment of DPS. A 30-year investment has been put into it, which I hope will help him in the next page of his life.

For me, Mr. Delyan Peevski has been a phenomenon in Bulgarian politics for the last 5-6 months. With his hyperactivity, combinability and mediation skills, he managed to return the center of power to the Bulgarian parliament. And from being the most reviled, it has become an important partner for all parliamentary groups.

Here is the place for him to make a request to the representatives of the various media. Let me do my job. Don’t pressure me. Mainstream news is produced in parliament, not party headquarters. Therefore, my appearances in the media space will be dosed and sparing. But I would be remiss if I didn’t express my concerns about the political situation in the country. Bulgaria still does not have a clear prospectus for its development. Our upcoming inclusion in Schengen has displaced all significant problems related to the current state of the state and civil society. For example, our native politicians ignored the demographic crisis in the country. It should be clear to everyone that this is an extremely important issue for the state and society because it is related to the physical reproduction of the nation. Ignoring this problem can have fatal consequences for future generations. I take the liberty of appealing to all parliamentary groups to urgently find a solution to this fundamental issue within the upcoming budget of the country.

Thank you for your attention!

I wish you good health!

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