Three new protected areas in Plovdiv

Three new protected areas in Plovdiv
Three new protected areas in Plovdiv

The Regional Inspectorate for the Environment and Waters (RIOSV Plovdiv) informs all interested parties and citizens that draft orders have been drawn up for the declaration of three protected areas for the protection of natural habitats and wild flora and fauna falling in whole or in part on the territory of the institution .

These are protected areas “Kayakliyka River”, “Omurovska River” and “Piasčnik River”. They provide for prohibitions, restrictions and recommendations, measures to achieve the objectives of protecting the areas of the ecological network “Natura 2000”, a regime of activities subject to of agreement and approval.

The project orders, as well as the full set of accompanying information, including the standard forms with data and assessments for the protected areas and map materials with their boundaries, are published on the websites of the Ministry of the Environment and Waters and of RIWS – Plovdiv. The documents are also available in the administrative building of the ecoinspection. The term for submission of motivated written opinions, objections and proposals is one month.

The Kayaliika River protected area with code BG0000435 is located in the lands of the village of Ezerovo, Parvomai municipality, Plovdiv region and in the lands of the villages of Bodrovo, Skobelevo, Stalevo and Varbitsa, Dimitrovgrad municipality, Haskovo region,

Protected area “Omurovska River” with code BG0000443 is located in the lands of Chekhlare village, Brezovo municipality, Plovdiv region, Gradina village, Parvomai municipality, Plovdiv region, Bratya Daskalovi village, Golyam dol village, Gorno Belevo, the village of Gorno Novo Selo, the village of Dolno Novo Selo, the village of Malko Dryanovo, the village of Markovo, the village of Medovo, the village of Malak Dol, the village of Naydenovo, the village of Partizanin, the village of Plodovitovo, the village of Slavyanin, with Sarnevets, Cherna Gora village, Bratya Daskalovi municipality, Stara Zagora region.

The protected area “Pyasachnik River” with the code BG0000444 is located in the lands of the villages of Vojvodinovo, Graf Ignatievo, Stroevo, Trud, Maritsa municipality, Plovdiv region, the city of Plovdiv, the villages of Golyam Chardak, Lyuben, Nedelevo, Tsarimir, Tseretelevo, municipality. Saedinenie, Plovdiv region and the villages of Belovitsa, Panicheri, Starosel, Hisarya municipality, Plovdiv region.


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