The hospital in Vidin needs blood donors

The hospital in Vidin needs blood donors
The hospital in Vidin needs blood donors

Photo: Nasko Tsanov

The quantities donated blood in the Department of Transfusion Hematology at “Sveta Petka” Medical College of Vidin have significantly decreased compared to 2022, which may become a threat to the lives of patients in need, the hospital reports. The medical facility appeals for blood donation.

“Donors for the year 2022 are 1238. At the beginning of this year for the first six months it started very well, for February last year there were 76 donors compared to this year – 103, 88 for April 2022 and this year 98. At the end of this year things they worsened, the sick also decreased, the donors also decreased. Donors are mostly blood relatives. Blood donation can be done every working day from 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. in the Department of Transfusion Hematology at the “Sveta Petka” Medical Center in Vidin, healthy, not taking blood thinners, having had breakfast, and not having heart problems,” reported Cornelia Yotovasenior medical laboratory assistant in the Department of Transfusion Hematology.

Any healthy person aged 18 to 65 can donate blood.

“It is not dangerous to donate blood, it is useful 4 times a year. We call on all people aged 2 months, 2 and a half months to order,” the medical facility added.

There is no risk for blood donors. All materials and consumables used for blood donation in the department are sterile and single-use. The whole procedure lasts 30 minutes.

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