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The Department of Neonatology in Dobrich is one of the best equipped in the country

The Department of Neonatology in Dobrich is one of the best equipped in the country
The Department of Neonatology in Dobrich is one of the best equipped in the country

On World Premature Children’s Day, we talked about the state of the local neonatology department and the challenges facing doctors, parents and the children themselves with Dr. Vesela Delcheva, specialist neonatologist and pediatrician.

World Premature Children’s Day is also celebrated in the neonatology department in Dobrich

Dr. Delcheva, what is the role of neonatology in the care of premature babies and their families?

The Department of Neonatology provides conditions for the adaptation of these children and adjustment to the new living conditions, care for children who have lung function, for the problems they have in terms of health.

What are the main challenges medical teams face in treating premature babies?

The main challenges are related to the recovery of children, to be more quickly weaned from oxygen therapy.

What are recent advances in neonatology that have helped improve outcomes for premature babies?

The latest achievements are related to the new functions of the respirators that are included, the new ventilation systems that allow for proper dosing of oxygen, the new possibilities of the incubator techniques that also allow for faster adaptation of premature babies.

The implementation of the highest-class equipment and the latest standards is also helped by the donation campaigns, which provide opportunities for the re-equipment of the entire department, which I can currently say is one of the best equipped departments in the country.

In technical terms, we have the most diversion of incubators, respirators, we have a brand new incubator model that can be converted into a resuscitation table and a thermal bed, something that is not available even in Varna, a special new transport incubator with ventilation systems , which is also very modern equipment, so we can boast a very well-equipped department.

In addition to the good level of technique, the department in Dobrich has many good specialists, as well as young doctors attracted by the level at which they work. They think that here they will get the necessary knowledge and training, which is rare because everywhere there is a problem of personnel in neonatology departments.

They donated a high-tech incubator to save premature babies at the Dobrich Hospital

What is the role of families in caring for premature babies and how can they be supported?

When they are already raising the child, they must take into account the child’s neuro-psychological and physical development, because it can be delayed, it must be more seriously monitored by them and by personal doctors. These families should be supported, including the creation of a community or organization of parents of premature babies to have information and share experiences.

What resources and programs are available to support premature babies after they leave the hospital?

General practitioners deal more actively with premature children, have more serious monitoring. If necessary, the families are directed to speech therapists, rehabilitators, eye specialists, in order to follow their development and correct the disorders that may have occurred.

How can we improve awareness and education in neonatology to help support premature babies?

Creating parent training courses would be helpful so they know what to do and not worry. Parents’ associations in which to exchange experience. Despite the increased monitoring of GPs, it is always good to seek more information if any questions arise. In Varna, there is Karin dom, which deals with children who have movement problems, where you can also search for information.

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