– news – We import people from Turkey to work in this industry in Bulgaria – news – We import people from Turkey to work in this industry in Bulgaria – news – We import people from Turkey to work in this industry in Bulgaria

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The business related to shipbuilding and ship repair will need 120-150 mid-level specialists per year, Svetlin Stoyanov, chairman of the Bulgarian National Association for Shipbuilding and Ship Repair (BNAKK), told BTA. According to him, this shows the organization’s analysis of the need for personnel in the next 20 years. According to Stoyanov, in addition to mid-level specialists, companies in the maritime industry will also need 40-50 specialists with higher education each year.

Since there is currently a shortage of staff, businesses “import” workers from abroad. Stoyanov specified that before the war in Ukraine, the employees were mostly from that country. At the moment, staff are being recruited mostly in neighboring Turkey.

However, this is a short- and medium-term measure, added Stoyanov. And he emphasized that Bulgaria should start preparing the specialists needed by the business itself.

In fact, the problem is not only here, but throughout Europe, because young people are losing interest in engineering professions, added Stoyanov. According to him, this type of profession, where a person creates real things with his hands or by designing, should be introduced to children even before they reach the 7th grade. This way there is a chance to attract their interest, explained Stoyanov. He noted that shipbuilding and ship repair are no longer “black” and dirty industries. According to him, most likely the business also has some fault, because it is not clear enough with its messages to young people, nor is it with enough public presence.

Stoyanov’s position was that the state should engage more with these problems and regulate education in Bulgaria. It is necessary to make a detailed analysis of the education system – what kind of personnel are produced, how many of them find realization on the market, what are the needs of the business, Stoyanov pointed out. And he added that on this basis, a strategy should be developed which schools will be prioritized. At the moment, language high schools maintain the highest standard, but they do not give any profession to their graduates, commented Stoyanov and added that there is a professional maritime high school in Varna, but the interest of young people in the specialties in it is not great enough.

BNAKK and the Technical University in Varna were co-organizers of the Career Forum “Digitalization, Innovations and Prospects in the Shipping Industry”. The event was hosted by the school. Within the framework of the forum, students from all majors and professional fields have the opportunity to have a direct conversation with business representatives in search of their future workplace or internship, as well as to receive advice for successful professional realization.

Interest in maritime specialties has decreased over the years, perhaps because many of the things that companies in this branch do do not become public, commented the deputy rector for scientific activity and electronic management of the university, Assoc. Eng. Hristo Nenov. According to him, maritime business has long gone beyond standard notions, it is highly automated and its future is extremely technologically oriented. According to Nenov, this is one of the reasons why the university holds such a career forum, because this way young people get an opportunity to see, learn and, if they want, to reorient themselves.

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