Haskovo got involved with many initiatives in the first Reading Day in our country

Haskovo got involved with many initiatives in the first Reading Day in our country
Haskovo got involved with many initiatives in the first Reading Day in our country

From several points in Haskovo and the region, young and old, as readers or listeners, today joined the first mass initiative in our country of reading people.

The organizers of “Reading Day” on November 17 are

“Reading” Foundation, “Children’s Books” Foundation and “Books and Reading” Association.

The initiative aims to focus attention on reading as an opportunity to develop literacy, gain knowledge and acquire skills.

In the developed internet platform, everyone who participates in “Reading Day” can register. Thus, until this morning, 177,609 people from the country, but also from the Bulgarian communities around the world, were celebrated.

In Haskovo, many schools held expressive reading classes during the school day.

From the regional city, the online platform was celebrated with organized events and from the “Hristo Smirnenski” Regional Library.

Shortly before noon, 7-year-old Philip was among the readers there. The first grader came with his mother to return the books he had already read. Philip knows from mom Alex that today is dedicated to reading. “On this day, everyone reads,” Philip explains. The boy is adamant that not only one day a year is his day for reading books, because it is a favorite pastime.

And while the first-grader chooses in the children’s section of the library which other book he will take home, at the opposite end of the hall, his older students from the “Stefan Karadzha” sports school are part of the discussion with the librarians, dedicated to today’s day.

“The alarming statistics indicate that in Bulgaria there are currently 44% of functionally illiterate people, which means that they have poor skills in handling and analyzing information. We are starting this Reading Day in Bulgaria with the hope that it will become a public symbol that will inspire not only children, but also adults about the importance of reading,” says one of its co-organizers – Victoria Biserova – about the meaning invested in the initiative. publisher and university lecturer.

And if it is a fact that one day for reading is not enough, and reading people are those who have wide open windows to the world, then this is also proven by many more initiatives that are organized in the country and in the region of Haskovo.

City library “Peño Penev” in Dimitrovgrad participates in user discussions about the benefits of reading and the opportunities it provides. Librarians share favorite texts and reveal themselves as readers. In the village of Bodrovo, organized by the “Bodra Thought” Association and the Community Center “Bodrost – 1885”, people will gather to read together at 6 p.m. today.

In the “Ivan Vazov” school in Harmanli, in the “Sveti Kliment Ohridski” secondary school in Simeonovgrad, in the “Aleko Konstantinov”, “Lyuben Karavelov” and “Hristo Botev-1902” elementary schools in Dimitrovgrad, in Svilengradi in Lyubimets – they are all part from Reading Day.

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