A man and a woman received suspended sentences for beating a Montana doctor

A man and a woman received suspended sentences for beating a Montana doctor
A man and a woman received suspended sentences for beating a Montana doctor

The district court in Montana sentenced the spouses V.I.V. to six months in prison, suspended with three years’ probation. and S.R.V. because of the beating of a doctor from the city’s Emergency Medical Assistance Center, the Montana Courthouse reported.

On December 24, 2022, V.I.V. and S.R.V., who work in Sofia, were in the village of Portitovtsi in the municipality of Boychinovtsi, where their 17-year-old son became ill and they called a team of the Center for Emergency Medical Assistance from Montana. The boy was transported by ambulance to the emergency department of the state hospital “Dr. Stamen Iliev” in Montana. There, Dr. D.A.P. diagnosed him with “acute viral infection” and referred the patient and his parents to the children’s department of the hospital. Father V.I.V. however, he did not agree with the diagnosis and together with the mother S.R.V. raised a scandal, attacked Dr. D.A.P. they pushed her against the wall and hit her with their hands and feet, causing her slight bodily injury – a bruised nose with bleeding and lacerations, bleeding and lacerations. During the beating, in an attempt to enter the office after the doctor and continue the self-assault, the boy’s mother broke a glass on the door of the Emergency Medical Center with her hand.

Before the court V.I.V. and S.R.V. pleaded guilty and said they voluntarily signed an agreement with the prosecutor’s office for sentences of six months of “imprisonment” suspended with three years of probation for each. The sentence stated that the sentences were imposed “for committed acts of hooliganism, grossly violating public order, expressing clear disrespect for society and committed with extreme cynicism and audacity in a public place, in the presence of many people”.

The two husbands were also given another sentence for causing bodily harm to the doctor on duty. She was also sentenced to six months in prison, suspended with three years of probation, and the court imposed a total sentence of six months with three years of probation. Before the case began, the damage caused to the hospital due to the broken door was reimbursed.

Dr. D.A.P. has stated before the court that she does not wish to meet such people again and does not wish to be constituted in the case as a civil plaintiff or a private prosecutor.

The decision of the court is final and not subject to appeal.

The Courthouse in Montana reported to BTA that the sentence for beating a doctor is the second this year. In July, a Montana man received a six-month suspended sentence with three years of probation for the Dec. 18, 2022, assault of an Emergency Medical Center doctor.

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