They mark 31 years since the restoration of the Women’s Charitable Society “Mother Care” – Gabrovo


This year, the Women’s Charitable Society (Mother’s Care Society) celebrates the 31st anniversary of its restoration in 1992. Stefka Vasileva from the Mother’s Care Society reported this to BTA.
“The financing of the activity is carried out by donors and by our initiatives such as: charity concerts, exhibitions and culinary bazaars. We thank all our donors from the bottom of our hearts for their generosity and support, with which they keep the Bulgarian tradition of Christian charity alive forever. Blessed are those who help people in need and protect their dignity,” Vasileva pointed out.
According to Vasileva, the history of the company is long and rich. After 1944, all women’s societies were transferred to non-profit organizations and the “Mother’s Care” NGO ceased to exist, only to be resurrected for a new life in 1992. In 2019, we solemnly celebrated the 150th anniversary of the founding of the “Mother’s Care” Women’s Charitable Society. and in 2022 – 30 years since its restoration – on November 17, 1992.
Over the years, the Society has worked on various projects related to health, volunteering, industry, history, memory, local lore and education. The “Mother’s Care” public utility company erected a brass composition by Aleksandr Kerkov, and an “Electronic guide to memorial signs (monuments, plaques, streets, etc.) of donors, benefactors and patrons in Gabrovo” was created.
The women’s charitable society “Mother’s Care” was founded on August 6, 1869, on the initiative of Dimitar Enchev, head teacher at the Gabrovo school, together with intelligent and distinguished women from Gabrovo. The association is the third in a row in the country, after those in Lom and Stara Zagora, and its first founding members are the teachers: Tonka Boycheva, Mana Popova, Anastasia Tosheva and the citizens: Gavrilitsa Gancheva, h. Andreytsa Manafova, Mariola Stancheva Novoselova, Moma Totyu Stancheva, Rada Rachkova, Maria Rachkova, Tsana Tsoneva, Deshka Rankova Tonkova, Dosyuvitsa Draganova, Hristovitsa Arnaudova.
The company has donated significant sums to numerous causes in Gabrovo, supported talented children in a disadvantaged position, orphans, and gives scholarships to talented students. Charity, educational activities later grew into charity over the years. In 1944, all women’s societies and their activities were suspended, while in 1992, proactive Gabrovo women and members of the society signed the Founding Protocol for the restoration of the Women’s Charitable Society “Maternal Care”.
Today, the Mother Care Society exists, develops active activities and takes part in various public events. The main objectives of the Association according to the adopted statute are:
1. Helping individuals in a disadvantaged social position and supporting public organizations aimed at helping individuals in a disadvantaged position
2. Supporting gifted children to participate in national and international competitions and providing scholarships
3. Confirmation of the Association as an attractive center for cultural and spiritual communication in the region

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