Vrachani, run away from BILLA! In the parking lot, they remove 3 skins from the drivers, pressuring people to shop in the store /photos/


Vrachani, run away from BILLA! In the parking lot, they remove 3 skins from the drivers, pressuring people to shop in the store /photos/

The BILLA store in Vratsa is persistently digging the bottom in its attitude towards society, an investigation by the BulNews agency found.
A few years ago, hypermarkets installed barriers at the entrance and exit of the parking lot, and since then the problems for drivers began. Initially, those who stopped there had to validate the ticket from the entrance inside the store and only then leave the parking lot.
Recently, however, this rule has been quietly changed. The ferocious saleswomen now refuse to validate the coupon and do not tolerate objection, but ask if you have shopped in the store. If you dare to say you’re not, then the cashier flat out refuses to validate your coupon and so you’re forced to go to the payment machine. Even if you were in the parking lot for 1 minute, the price is BGN 3.
The situation creates tension in society, as the same parking lot is also used by customers of the Sumi shopping complex. It has dozens of stores, including “Zora”, “Tendenz” and “Pepco”, which enjoy enviable interest. So, if you entered the parking lot to visit them, you have to pay for it at the machine in BILLA. Most drivers are unaware of the changed rules, and for this reason queues regularly form in front of the barriers. This unnerves drivers and random citizens can hear the booming greetings for the mothers of those from BILLA.
This bloodthirstiness of BILLA arouses bewilderment and reveals tension in the management of the chain. Apparently, the financial condition of the hypermarkets is not good, and this has forced the owners to flay 3 skins from anyone who approaches BILL.
Probably, someone in a high position with a fat salary has not yet understood that even in the malls in Sofia there is time to stay in the parking lot, which is free and only then is paid for.
In BILLA in Vratsa, these principles of free trade do not apply. Drivers must necessarily shop at the hypermarket, otherwise 1 minute costs BGN 3. This rate could be the envy of any parking lot owner in the world.
In practice, shopping at BILLA in Vratsa turns into a nightmare.
People, run away from BILL!

11/17/2023, 3:18 p.m



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