In Sliven, they are taking measures against bird flu

In Sliven, they are taking measures against bird flu
In Sliven, they are taking measures against bird flu

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To increase security measures in private holdings where birds are viewed outdoors due to the increased risk of the spread of bird flu. The regional directorate for food safety (ODBH) in Sliven warned about this the mayors of the settlements in the municipality of the convened extraordinary epizootic commission. Markets and trade in live birds have already been suspended in the entire district.

The director of the Sliven ODBH, Dr. Dimo ​​Kondev, reported that bird flu is spreading very quickly.

“There really is a mutation that we’re already noticing that is occurring in warmer weather conditions as well.”

Dr. Daniela Kaleva from RZI warned that the disease is also transmitted to humans, and called for a mask to be worn when entering farmed birds.

“The way people can get it is more of an airborne mechanism, airborne rather than airborne, by inhaling dust from dried bird droppings and spreading it through hands on surfaces. The disease is not transmitted through food.”

The mayors of several villages announced their readiness to start an explanatory campaign among farmers.

“We decided to coordinate actions to organize village-wide meetings to explain to our villagers about the danger of bird flu.”

Preventive measures have already been taken around the largest poultry farm in the region against the introduction of the infection, it became clear during the meeting.

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