“Ivan Vazov” Elementary School participated en masse in the first Reading Day in Bulgaria : RegNews.NET

“Ivan Vazov” Elementary School participated en masse in the first Reading Day in Bulgaria : RegNews.NET
“Ivan Vazov” Elementary School participated en masse in the first Reading Day in Bulgaria : RegNews.NET

Students, parents and teachers from “Ivan Vazov” Primary School – Gorna Oryahovitsa took part in the first Reading Day in Bulgaria. The Reading Foundation, the Children’s Books Foundation and the Books and Reading Association kick off this event. The initiative takes place across the country on November 17 and aims to focus on reading as an opportunity to develop literacy, gain knowledge and acquire skills.

For the motto of the event, the organizers choose “Reading gives opportunities”, with which they hope to change the attitudes that books are only an activity for free time, and that the promotion of interest in reading happens only in school.

Young and old readers participated in the collection of favorite children’s books, which the students of “Ivan Vazov” Primary School donated today to the reading day of children from three kindergartens in Gorna Oryahovitsa.

All breaks during the school day were sounded by the tinkling voices of reading children from 1st to 7th grade. In front of the microphone of the school system, the students read excerpts from fairy tales, fables, works of Bulgarian and foreign writers and poets every break. Writer Tanya Mezeva was also a special guest on the Reading Day. She gave a talk to the students about reading and read some of her poems. The author Petya Petrova read an online children’s story and presented the book “The Scales of Goodness” – a story that teaches children to look for and discover the good.

Parents of students from “Ivan Vazov” Elementary School participated with great interest in the various initiatives organized by the school’s team. The role of each parent is huge in creating and maintaining family habits of interacting with books. The visiting parents had selected fascinating readings that impressed and encouraged the children to read because “reading gives opportunities”. Grandma Tsanka immersed the students in the magic of books. Enthusiastic about the stories, the students showed their skills in the “Best Reader” competition. At the end, as a reward, the children received a “Book Checklist” and promised to mark their reading progress every day.

Little ambassadors of reading visited their friends from grade 7, to whom they presented various genres of literary texts. The older students also set an example and encouraged the third graders to read by presenting the longest poem they had learned in school.

Representative groups of older students read interesting folk tales, fables, poems to the younger children. Together they looked at books with beautiful illustrations, told their favorite stories, made various book dividers and talked about the benefits of reading. In the computer modeling and information technology classes, the teachers gave talks about the advantages and disadvantages of digital reading with e-readers and the classic paper book.

November 17 turned out to be an inspiring Reading Day where everyone rediscovered the great magic hidden in the unfolded book.

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