Artificial intelligence is entering digital marketing as well

Artificial intelligence is entering digital marketing as well
Artificial intelligence is entering digital marketing as well


Temelko Dechev

Photo: Radio Varna, Mariela Dimitrova

Artificial intelligence is already part of marketing products – in content initialization, surveys, to writing ads in different languages. But at this stage, still only in this base level. Temelko Dechev, managing partner in one of the largest Bulgarian agencies for web solutions and digital marketing, which also works with large foreign clients, commented on this for Radio Varna.

In our agency, we use products that are developed with artificial intelligence AI (Artificial Intelligence), but these are the initial blanks, after that there is always a person who does processing, correction, editing of this content.

But it is used a lot, he noted Dechev, who participated in the 7th edition of Innowave Summit 2023. The vision of the event that gathers over 5 thousand digital leaders and world-renowned experts, f Yes “bring them together and strengthen innovative ecosystems”. If we as people, as institutions, as businesses and as consumers allow AI-technology to grow to a large extent, it can displace humans. Because it is much more powerful than the human brain in every direction and can completely replace a person. Digital marketing specialist Temelko Dechev also commented on this. I can’t say how the quality will be as a result, in terms of how a person will view the output and whether they will know that the content is generated by AI and whether they will accept it as they would if they knew it was made by another human. But in terms of quality, volume, content and speed – one has no place to fight with this thing, Dechev also shared.

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