A Romanian man was charged with migrant trafficking

A Romanian man was charged with migrant trafficking
A Romanian man was charged with migrant trafficking

The District Prosecutor’s Office-Veliko Tarnovo has charged and detained a Romanian citizen for a period of up to 72 hours in pre-trial proceedings for migrant trafficking.

V.N. (31 years old) was brought as an accused for the fact that on 16.11.2023 in the territory of Voneshta voda village, Veliko Tarnovo municipality, on road II – 55, at km. 20+500 (city of Veliko Tarnovo – city of Gurkovo), through the use of a “Volkswagen” car with a German registration number, illegally assisted a group of foreigners – 11 Syrian citizens, of which 5 minors, without valid identity documents, yes enter the country, in violation of the Law on Foreigners in the Republic of Bulgaria. The act was committed with the aim of obtaining a property benefit for himself and in a manner dangerous to the lives of the persons who were transported in the trunk of the car.

Urgent procedural investigative actions were carried out in the case – an inspection of the accident scene and an inspection of a car that was seized. Witnesses were interviewed and all individuals were found to be Syrian nationals.

By decree of the supervising prosecutor, the accused is detained for a period of up to 72 hours and against him in the District Court-c. In Veliko Tarnovo, a request will be submitted for a remand measure “Detention in custody”.

The investigation in the case continues under the leadership of the District Prosecutor’s Office-Veliko Tarnovo, being conducted by an investigative police officer at the RU – V. Tarnovo.


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