A Black Sea hurricane will rage over the weekend in Silistrensko


In the next 48 hours, under the influence of a cyclone across the Aegean and Black seas, the situation in our country will become more complicated, reports Meteo Bulgaria.

A stormy north and north-westerly wind will blow over the entire country, which in the sub-Balkan valleys will manifest itself as a falling “Bora” with hurricane-like ripples. Gusts up to 120-150 km/h. are also expected along our coast, and the waves will be 5-7 meters high.

In the eastern half of the country, the rainfall amounts will be the most significant – up to 80-100 l/sq.m. increasing the risk of local spills and floods. Thunderstorms possible!

On the high fields to the west and south-west this night the rain will mix and temporarily change to snow, but the main precipitation will be in the process of stopping, after which it will continue with breaks and short duration.

On Saturday evening and the night before Sunday in the Central and Eastern Pre-Balkans, around Ludogorie and in Strandja, a snow cover will accumulate after a second portion of intense precipitation from occlusion. On the passes and in the hilly reliefs of Northeastern Bulgaria and Eastern Bulgaria, blizzards!

We appeal to all drivers to pay close attention to the road and to have cars adapted for winter conditions, especially if they have an urgent trip ahead in the high areas above 1000 meters above sea level, where there will also be icing.

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