They did not vote the vote of no confidence: the Parliament did not gather a quorum – Bulgaria

They did not vote the vote of no confidence: the Parliament did not gather a quorum – Bulgaria
They did not vote the vote of no confidence: the Parliament did not gather a quorum – Bulgaria
National Assembly did not collect quorum to start the meeting and on the second attempt. 79 people’s representatives registered, one more than the first attempt, out of the required 121.

“Due to the lack of a quorum today, the session cannot be opened, we continue on Wednesday at 9:00 a.m.,” announced the Speaker of the National Assembly, Rosen Zhelyazkov.

From GERB-SDS and “Vazrazhdane” one MP each registered, from “We continue the change-Democratic Bulgaria” – 55, from “BSP for Bulgaria” – 21, as well as one independent representative.

DPS and “There is such a people” they did not participate in the second registration either.

Thus, after two unsuccessful attempts to start work, the session of the parliament failed due to lack of quorum.

Today, the parliament was expected to re-vote the draft resolution for a vote of no confidence in the “Denkov” cabinet “because of the government’s inability to guarantee the national security and defense of the country”.

On the first vote 127 deputies participated in it – 66 were “for”, “against” 61, with no abstentions. Shortly before and during the voting, GERB-SDS and DPS left the plenary hall.

This was followed by an insistence on a break by the BSP so that their colleagues could return to the plenary hall. “66 people’s representatives cannot to overthrow the cabinet, but 166 can. If the deputies from GERB and DPS really do not have confidence in this pro-Putin cabinet, let them order in the hall and overthrow him”, urged the deputy from BSP Georgi Svilenski.

GERB-SDS and DPS did not enter the plenary hall for the re-voting, although there was a 15-minute break requested by the BSP so that the two parliamentary groups could return to the hall.

Deadlock: No-confidence vote fails due to lack of quorum

After all, the Chairman of the National Assembly Rosen Zhelyazkov did a quorum check, but only 64 deputies registered. It was necessary to leave for another break before the re-voting, after which the situation remained unchanged – GERB and DPS again did not enter the hall and 63 deputies registered. Due to lack of quorum, Zhelyazkov closed the meeting.

The vote of no confidence, on the topic of “Defense and Security”, was submitted by the people’s representatives from the parliamentary groups of “BSP for Bulgaria”, “Vazrazhdane” and “There is such a people”. According to the petitioners, the government’s decisions in the “Security” sector are not taken in relation to the real needs of the country, but according to foreign political and economic interests.

The Minister of Defense, Todor Tagarev, accused those who submitted the vote, that with the disinformation campaign they are leading, they are helping to reduce the defense capabilities of the country. For the first time in our recent history, a vote of no confidence will be re-voted a day after it was supposed to be voted by the parliament.

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