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Overview of the Sofia Stock Exchange AD

The past week turned out to be extremely calm in terms of quotations of the main grain contracts of the world stock markets, and even many of them remained with zero change. FOB Chicago bread wheat was back down $6.00 to $252.00/t. France shed €2.00 to €231.00/t, while Ukraine and Russia were at their old prices of $194.00 and $260.00/t, respectively. Corn movement followed a slightly uptrend in the US, where the price rose $6.00 on the week to $218.00/t, while France and Russia settled at the old quotes of €200.00/t and $228.00/t.

The price of barley in France, after some stagnation, also remained anchored without change and is at EUR 202.00/ton. However, Euronext rape continued to edge slightly higher after last month’s sharp rise and added €6.00 ​​to €438.50/t.

Crude sunflower oil contracts on the Rotterdam Stock Exchange were the most active and moved up another $35.00 to $975.00/t. The same applies to refined sugar for delivery in December, which, however, trended with a negative sign and fell by $22.90, reaching $733.70/ton on the London exchange.

At the Sofia Stock Exchange AD, trading in the “Grain” sub-district brought deals for immediate corn, DAP delivery at BGN 300.00/ton. The sales quotes for bread wheat are at BGN 479.00/ton, also DAP delivery. Oil-yielding sunflower from the field is wanted at a starting price of BGN 660.00/ton. All prices are without VAT.

In the subgroup “Foodstuffs” the prices of the main goods are stable, the supply of white flour continues at initial prices of BGN 890.00/ton and white refined sugar at BGN 1940.00/ton, as well as oil in bottles at BGN 1.95/ton l. There is also an offer of yellow peas at initial prices of BGN 1,200.00/ton, without VAT, and ripe beans at BGN 2,200/ton.

In the sub-circle “Industrial goods” of SSB AD, this week traditionally passed under the sign of energy carriers: there were deals for A95H gasoline from BGN 2190.00 to BGN 2320.00/thousand liters. B6 diesel fuel in the range of BGN 2190.00 – 2360.00/thousand l, E5 diesel fuel at BGN 2325.00/thousand l, gas oil for PKK in the range of BGN 2143.00 to 2310.00/thousand l and propane butane gas at BGN 1000.00 – 1020.00/thousand l. There were also many deals for chemicals: motor oil sold at 7542.00 – 10340.00 BGN/thousand l, hydraulic oil at 5049.00 – 5310.00 BGN/thousand l, transmission oil at 8470.00 – 8980.00 BGN/thousand l, gear oil at BGN 9100.00/thousand liters and compressor oil in the range of BGN 14100.00 – 15520.00/thousand liters Brake fluid can be bought at BGN 5,700.00 – 6,000.00/thousand liters, antifreeze at BGN 4,750.00/thousand liters and wiper fluid at BGN 2,450.00/thousand liters. There were also sales of grease at BGN 11.43 – 15.88/kg and ferrous metal scrap at BGN 280.00/ton.

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