The novel “Wound” by Zahari Karabashliev is presented in Stara Zagora


Rodina Library presents the novel “Wound” by Zahari Karabashliev on November 21 at 6:00 p.m. in the Bayer Exhibition Hall. “Wound” is a shocking chronicle of the forgotten history of Bulgaria from the beginning of the 20th century, but also an unexpected and beautiful story about the courage, compassion and love that save the human soul even in the darkest moments.

The story in “Rana” follows Sava – a refugee from Odrinska Thrace after the Balkan Wars, who is a law student in Sofia, and Eliza – a general’s daughter, a talented pianist, a student in the last year of the Music School. Their love is innocent and short – the new, great world war will send the young idealist to a school for reserve officers, and in September 1916 will take him to the Dobrudja front, where fate meets him with a mobilized Romanian writer and a four-year-old orphan.

The novel was released on the market under the imprint of “Siela” publishing house.

Zahari Karabashliev writes prose and drama. He is the author of the novel “18% Gray”, which has been translated into the United States, France, Poland, Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia, etc. His second novel “Havra” was published in 2017, and four years later the author published “The Tail”, which was adapted by Yavor Gardev in a performance of the same name at the Pleven Theater.

Karabashliev is the winner of the National Literary Award for Bulgarian Novel of the Year (2018 and 2022), Novel of the Year (VIK Foundation), “Hristo G. Danov”, “Helikon”, “Askeer”, etc. His works have been published in books, anthologies and magazines, have been translated into various languages, and the short story “Distractions” was included in the American anthology “The Best of European Prose” in 2018.

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