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The scandal of the year is in Vratsa, but it can also reach the Ministry of Health

While he was in hospital, the head of the largest medical facility in the Vrachan region was on vacation in Egypt, this was revealed by an investigation by “Competitor”.

Its facts and circumstances were confirmed by two independent sources who wished to remain anonymous.

After a report by “Competitor”, the Territorial Division of the National Insurance Institute in Vratsa carried out an investigation and refused to pay the sick leave for the time that the negligent civil servant was both on sick leave and abroad.

The Vratsa scandal is undoubtedly the loudest. It surpasses even the appointment of an actress in the Vratsa theater, who does not have a single day on the stage of the DKT-Vratsa, but nevertheless received a salary for 10 months.

Investigation of Georgi Alexandrov


Everyone remembers the hot summer of 2023, when the pediatric department of the Hristo Botev General Hospital in Vratsa closed due to the sudden departure of all doctors. Applications from the nurses followed, and due to the lack of staff, the executive director of the hospital, Dr. Cathy Tsenova, announced that the children’s ward would close in August for 2 weeks.

The reaction of the state followed, and the public bristled. Health Minister Prof. Hristo Hinkov came to Vratsa and announced that he had received Dr. Tsenova’s resignation. She threw it away because she obviously couldn’t deal with the problem.

The mayor of Vratsa, Kalin Kamenov, and the deputies from GERB, Krasen Krastev and Martin Harizanov, rushed to help, and their “shuttles” in search of new specialist doctors yielded results, and the Pediatrics opened its doors. Not from September 1, but from 11.09 and with one competence lower, but still – open. Because of the upcoming election campaign, Kamenov was viciously criticized by his opponents, although he was not to blame for the situation, since the Municipality of Vratsa owns about 4% of the JSC of MBAL “Hristo Botev”, and the majority owner with over 80 percent is the state, i.e. is. the Ministry of Health.


The problems at the hospital rained down. More and more doctors asked for a pay rise, like that of their new colleagues in the children’s department.

The care for Hristo Botev Medical Center and the need for urgent action to get out of the crisis seemed to startle Dr. Tsenova, and she entered the cardiology department as a matter of urgency. On September 8, after a seizure (syncope), she was admitted to the ward for treatment. The seizure was controlled within a few days, and then the CEO went home to recover.

According to the issued hospital sheet, she was supposed to stay at home until September 25 inclusive. This circumstance is proven by the order of Dr. Neli Nesheva, the chairman of the board of directors of MBAL “Hristo Botev” JSC, with which “Competitor” has at its disposal. From the document uploaded to the hospital’s website, it is understood that between September 21 and 26, and then from September 26 to 29, the hospital will be managed by Tanya Peshkovska-Mironov.

In the editorial office, we have a response from RZI – Vratsa, requested under the Law on access to public information, from which it is understood that the information on the site of the medical facility corresponds to the truth, i.e. in the same period Dr. Cenova is not at work.


How sick is Dr. Cathy Cenova? She was probably in seriously bad health, since she could not only manage the medical facility, but also participate in two forums organized by the regional governor, Nadya Donkinska. They are directly related to the activity of the medical facilities, as it is for the preparation of the regional health card. The second meeting of the commission is on September 27. The first – a few days earlier, on September 21.

If for the first meeting Dr. Tsenova was in hospital, then for the second – she was already abroad. This is clear from unofficial information from the “Border Police” and official information from the TD of the NOI – Vratsa.

And the truth is that on September 24, Dr. Cenova, during which time she was on sick leave, flew to Egypt for a vacation. When she returned from there is not entirely clear, but the usual practice is for vacationers to stay between 5 and 7 days in the land of the pharaohs.

At the same time – while in hospital, Dr. Tsenova was spotted and photographed drinking hot drinks and smoking cigarettes in the summer garden of a popular establishment in the center of Vratsa.

The National Insurance Institute confirmed the information of “Competitor” and, after being notified with a report, took the appropriate legal measures – for the days of September 24 and 25, “no monetary compensation for temporary disability was paid.”

The TD of the NOI in Vratsa will not pay the sick leave for September 24 and 25, because they have established the truth.

RZI-Vratsa answered our questions, asked under the Law on Access to Public Information.

The circumstances can also be seen on the MBAL website. We did not ask questions about the hospital, because Dr. Tsenova has repeatedly declared publicly that she does not answer questions from “Competitor”.


The revelations made by “Competitor” came against the background of the drama surrounding the appointment of Yanko Kochev as the executive director of the Hristo Botev Medical School in Vratsa. In fact, Kochev’s past should not be confused with Dr. Tsenova’s present. Her past will not even be mentioned in this material – how she went from being the manager of the skin dispensary to becoming the director of the RZI – Vratsa, and then the executive director of the “Hristo Botev” MBAL. No one can change the past. But society also needs to know the whole truth when defending causes.


The investigation you are reading brings up quite a few uncomfortable topics.

The question is, is it moral /and normal/ for the manager, on whose decision hundreds of fates depend in the largest medical facility in Vrachansko, to go on vacation abroad while on sick leave?

There’s another thing: When the entire city is on edge over the hospital’s current status, and local and state officials are trying to save it — is it reasonable for the CEO to cheat the law?

Who would hire a manager who, with petty tricks, tries to circumvent the rules?

In fact, Operation Find a New Job is already underway. Guess who needs…

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