The Third Brigade Command in Blagoevgrad opened its doors to visitors


Military personnel from the Third Brigade Command Blagoevgrad showed weapons, combat equipment and military equipment to children and students from the city and the region, citizens.

The open day was on the occasion of the upcoming holiday of the Ground Forces and the holiday of military formation 26 400. The attraction was related to the fire training class – shooting with a pneumatic weapon, as well as a dynamic display on the topic: “Actions of a foot patrol in an urban environment” .

Colonel Nikolay Nikolov, Chief of Staff of the Third Brigade Command, described the coming year as a very dynamic one for those serving in the ranks of the Bulgarian Army: “The formation fulfilled in full all the tasks that were set during the year – very responsible tasks, and some of them required a rather large organization for their implementation, use of equipment, combat firing at many ranges. And right now we have people doing assignments overseas. It was a dynamic year, it is important that the goals were achieved when we take stock”.

The most emotional today were the little ones, who had the opportunity to touch small arms for the first time live, such as the legendary Kalashnikov, Makarov pistol, etc. 5-year-old children know that the soldiers’ job is to protect Bulgaria.

The date November 19 was designated as a holiday of the Ground Forces by decision of the Council of Ministers No. 477 of 1992 and Order No. 3478 of the Minister of Defense of 1992. During the Serbian-Bulgarian War /1885/ on November 19, the Bulgarian infantry fought the decisive battle at Slivnitsa. This is the first major victory of the army after the restoration of the Bulgarian state in 1878. With the victory of the Serbo-Bulgarian war, the Act of Union between Eastern Rumelia and the Principality of Bulgaria and the right of the Bulgarian people to live united and free was protected.

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