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Stura laboratory – Asenovgrad.NET
Stura laboratory – Asenovgrad.NET

On 15.11.2023 at 17:30 at the House of Culture, a dinosaur show was held for the children, organized by the “Probuda” School Board and the Student Parliament at the “SU P.R. Slaveikov” – Kardjali. The event, better known as “Sturgeon Laboratory”, was full of experiments, dinosaurs and lots of laughter. The event was for a charitable purpose and continued the efforts of people from Slaveykov to raise the necessary amount for research, diagnosis and treatment of little Murad. At the entrance of the House of Culture before the event, a charity bazaar was held with the help of the “EKO UPKO” club. The total amount collected from the event is 2355 BGN. Today, representatives of the Student Parliament deposited this amount into the donation bank account for Murad’s treatment. Acknowledgments to all the students, teachers and parents who helped with the treatment of little Murad! Special thanks also to the director of the House of Culture – Mrs. Marianna Likova and the whole team.
The other good news is related to Murad’s sister – Aisu from the 3rd grade. The little girl with a difficult fate after the loss of her mother last year and the illness of her brother dreamed of a Christmas dress. Alexander’s mother from the 3rd grade learned about this and decided to make the child happy. Today Aisu got her brand new Christmas dress and Alexander got a dream come true.
Slaveykovci continue to hold charity bazaars every day to raise funds for Murad. All the initiatives in this direction are part of the activities included in the Slavic Days, the patron saint of the school, which is tomorrow – November 17.
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