The theater in Kardzhali celebrates two anniversaries with the premiere of “The Last Supper of Deacon Levski”

The theater in Kardzhali celebrates two anniversaries with the premiere of “The Last Supper of Deacon Levski”
The theater in Kardzhali celebrates two anniversaries with the premiere of “The Last Supper of Deacon Levski”

Last night, the premiere of the play “The Last Supper of Deaconess Levski” took place, a production of the theater in Kardzhali. The director is the director of the cultural center Gulab Bochukov. With the premiere, theatergoers from Kardzhali are celebrating six decades since the creation of the theater. They are also celebrating the six-decade anniversary and to its director on the same date.

“The Last Supper of Deaconess Levski” by Stefan Tsanev is the newest title of the Kardzhali theater, the director of the cultural institution and director of the production Galab Bochukov told the BTA correspondent.

The agency quotes Galab Bochukov: “A play about Levski would always be relevant and I think it would be watched by the audience. Above all, that we do not make a too avant-garde or different reading from what we think it was”, comments Bochukov. And he adds that it is very important the time in which a given title is staged, as if there is an actor addition to the troupe, and the theater itself needs such a play in its repertoire.

The basis of the play is the text by Stefan Tsanev, but new things are also included, the director explains and adds: “We read a lot of things, analyzed and in the end we came to the conclusion that maybe it’s better that way – not to know who has betrayed, not to know where his grave is and not to know so much about his activity, because it is also unique in its essence.

In the role of Vasil Levski is Atanas Atanasov, for whom the play marks 20 years on the Kardzhali stage. Is it easy to play the Deacon, Atanasov commented to BTA: “Every role is difficult. There are no easy roles, but to play the emblem of the nation, an icon such as the Deacon, is a really difficult role.” According to the artist, the image of the Apostle is built in the mind of the Bulgarian, and in the play the aim is not to distort it. And the main theme of the play is betrayal.

“On the last night before he was hanged, Levski asked himself questions: Why? Who? How? Where did we go wrong? Where did the whole thing go wrong? He is really looking for who is the traitor to the organization and in the end it turns out that everyone betrays him one by one because in this secret dinner they really eat each other like dogs. Everyone pulls towards themselves and makes excuses for why they did one action or why they did another,” commented Atanasov. And he adds how perhaps now we most need a Levski to appear and lead the people in the right direction purely in terms of moral values, “because in the 21st century we have a really moral decline of society”, adds the artist.

The scenographer of the production is Tomiana Tomova – Nacheva, the music is by Angel Chavdarov. Apart from Atanas Atanasov in the role of Levski, the performance is the debut on the professional stage of the new addition to the theater troupe – Georgi Alexiev. The other roles are: Petar Mastagarkov, Mustafa Ismail, Bozhidar Georgiev, Dinko Kovachev, Rahim Ferad, Emanuil Manolov, Ismail Hodjev, Anna Petrova, Adriana Kancheva, Marinela Georgieva, Orhan Tahir.

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