Municipalities in the Northwest receive funds for disaster damage

Municipalities in the Northwest receive funds for disaster damage
Municipalities in the Northwest receive funds for disaster damage

The Council of Ministers grants means of municipalities throughout the country to prevent, control and overcome the consequences of disasters.

The decree approves an additional transfer to the budget of Municipality of Vidin. It is in the amount of BGN 44,610 and is for the recovery of unforeseen costs for rescue and urgent emergency restoration works in the town of Dunavtsi, where on June 16 the Voynishka River overflowed and flooded yards and houses.

Municipality of Dimovo will receive just over BGN 1,600,000 to overcome the consequences of the strong storm in mid-June, which caused significant damage to the infrastructure. The funds are targeted, with BGN 1,379,741 being provided for cleaning and strengthening with retaining walls the canal starting from the old cemetery in the town of Dimovo to the Primary School “St. St. Cyril and Methodius”, for the restoration of the bridge in front of the cemetery and the restoration of Liliana Dimitrova Street in the municipal center. The municipality of Dimovo will also receive BGN 236,776 for emergency restoration works on the pedestrian bridge to new cemeteries in the town of Dimovo and for cleaning the Archar river.

Municipality of Vratsa will receive BGN 1,060,500 for urgent restoration works on the road infrastructure in the villages of Banitsa, Byal Izvor, Golyamo Pestene, Lilyache, Mramoren, and Chiren.

Municipality of Mezdra will receive BGN 338,266 for the restoration of retaining walls and protective measures on the Klisurska River in the area of ​​the cemetery park, Rebarkovo village – BGN 236,970; for cleaning and deepening the bed of the Klisurska river in the area of ​​the bridge on road II-16, Rebarkovo village – BGN 62,644; for the repair of “Minzuhar” street, Krapets village – BGN 38,652

The transfer under the budget of Roman municipality totals BGN 1,659,416, of which: BGN 1,382,904 for strengthening a landslide on the municipal road Roman-Strupets-border with the municipality of Mezdra; for the restoration of a section of the Roman-Strupets road – BGN 276,512.

The transfer under the budget of Montana Municipality is in the total amount of BGN 1,551,689, of which: BGN 1,134,996 for the restoration of an existing drainage channel from the Chernila dam to its confluence with the Ogosta River; for the restoration of wing walls, sidewalk console and road surface of a bridge on “Alexander Stamboliyski” street, Smolyanovtsi village – BGN 250,032; for the restoration of a collapsed bridge structure and road surface over a culvert on the road village Klisuritsa – village Dolna Riksa – BGN 166,661.

Municipality Georgi Damyanovo will receive BGN 1,479,478, of which: BGN 5,310 for the payment of unforeseen emergency works to overcome the consequences of flooding in part of the territory of the municipality of Georgi Damyanovo; for strengthening a retaining wall and earth slope on Dimitar Blagoev Street in the village of Glavanovtsi – BGN 132,190; for the restoration and strengthening of destroyed stone masonry part of the bank of the rural river and slope of the municipal road in the village of Chemish – BGN 317,027; for payment of unforeseen expenses for overcoming the consequences of the floods on June 3 and 16, 2023 in the territory of the municipality of Georgi Damyanovo – BGN 44,056; for damage caused to the street infrastructure in the village of Dalgi del and the village of Govedha – BGN 334,196; for cleaning the beds of the Dulgodelska Ogosta River and the Kopilovska Ogosta River to prevent flooding in the territory of the village of Govedha, the village of Dulgi del, the village of Diva Slatina, the village of Kopilovtsi and the village of Glavanovtsi – BGN 600,705; for the restoration of the roof construction of a municipal building – Kopren hut, located in the village of Kopilovtsi – BGN 45,994.

A little over BGN 2,160,000 has been allocated to overcome the consequences of heavy rains in the spring in Berkovitsa municipality. This is part of the requested amount, explained the mayor Radoslav Naydenov:

“The main amount of BGN 1,840,000 is for the restoration of the bridge in the village of Borovtsi. The other funds are earmarked, which are for the funds and forces attracted to overcome the consequences of the disaster, and the expenditure is reimbursed there. This is a partial repayment of the requests of the Municipality and we have many more compromised roads, streets, which are still waiting for funding from the interagency commission.”

In total, the additional transfers approved by the decree for preventing, controlling and overcoming the consequences of disasters amount to over BGN 65,800,000, distributed to municipalities throughout the country.

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