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“Vazrazhdane” and “There is such a people” want the resignation of the cabinet, BSP – only the interior minister

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Kostadin Kostadinov talks to Cornelia Ninova

The leader of “Vazrazhdane” Kostadin Kostadinov described what happened last night in the center of Sofia as another “posh theater”, informs BTA. When asked if his party wanted the resignation of Interior Minister Kalin Stoyanov, he insisted that they wanted the resignation of the entire government, not a single minister, so that “we no longer allow a situation in which someone shakes the state in the name of his personal, private interest.” “. According to him, GERB and DPS are the ones who are shaking the country because of their failure to enter the parliament yesterday and today, twisting the arms of “We continue the change – Democratic Bulgaria”, with which they tried to “redistribute positions inside the cabinet”.

For its part, the BSP demanded the resignation of the interior minister. “What happened in Sofia is a war and is unacceptable, the Ministry of Internal Affairs did not manage,” insisted the chairman of the socialist party, Kornelia Ninova, as quoted by BTA.

The chairman of the parliamentary group of “There is such a people” Toshko Yordanov commented, quoted by BTA, that it was clear what would happen last night, given that “the Bulgarian Football Union, with this leadership, which should have left a long time ago, is provoking everyone.” . Yordanov asked why the football union needed to close the stadium. “It would have been very scary if there had been 2,000 people, because they would probably have been enough of an audience to chant what they chanted last night in the streets. Bobi Mihailov would have heard what he heard anyway, only from outside, but there was no to have this terrible situation that happened,” Yordanov pointed out and insisted that the entire government should resign.

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