Blagoevgrad sentenced to return BGN 30,000 to the MRRD for renovating the State Archives building by the “Tomov” team


BGN 29,176.59 lost to the treasury in Blagoevgrad, after yesterday’s decision and without the right of appeal, the Supreme Administrative Court ruled that the municipality must return them to the Operational Program “Regions in Growth” 2014-2020. The amount was overpaid for renovating the building of the State Archives – Blagoevgrad. Due to the fact that there are currently two pending proceedings for her, the Administrative Court – Blagoevgrad canceled the decision to establish a public state claim dated 27.01.2022 of the deputy. the Minister of Regional Development and Public Works, who is also the head of the operational program. However, the Supreme Court did not agree with the arguments of its Blagoevgrad colleagues and ruled that the money should be returned.

The contract with the operational program was concluded on 27/05/2020 by the team of the mayor Rumen Tomov for the provision of a grant of up to BGN 438,975.97. On 27.05.2021, the Municipality of Blagoevgrad submitted a request for final payment under it, accompanied by a final and technical report.

However, on 27.01.2022, the operational program notified the municipality that they refused to verify expenses in the total amount of BGN 98,620.05, of which BGN 29,176.59 were determined to be overpaid and subject to reimbursement.

Along with the money he must return to the ministry, the municipality owes him another BGN 833.41 in costs in the case, rounding the obligation to BGN 30,000.


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