Over 140 masters graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at Thrace University / Stara Zagora News

Over 140 masters graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at Thrace University / Stara Zagora News
Over 140 masters graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at Thrace University / Stara Zagora News

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At a solemn ceremony today, the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Trakia – Stara Zagora sent off its graduates-masters from the class of 2023. A total of 141 masters in the specialties “Medicine”, “Health Management” and “Health Care Management” received their diplomas. Special guests at the event were Mrs. Teodora Noncheva – Deputy Regional Governor of Stara Zagora District, Mrs. Nadezhda Chakarova – Deputy Mayor of Stara Zagora Municipality, the rector’s management and representatives of all units of Thrace University, as well as branch organizations and partners.

“Today you have climbed a steep and very high peak. Remember that with each new ascent, new horizons and new challenges will open up before you,” said Prof. Neli Grozeva, vice-rector for educational and information activities, in her address to the graduates, and added: “The best medicine is love and care! I wish you to increase the doses of love and care that you will distribute! Good luck!”

With great excitement and trepidation, the graduates of the “Medicine” specialty took their “Hippocratic Oath”. A total of 102 future doctors are graduating this year with an average graduation rate of Mn. good 4.71. Among them, 37 are foreigners from 12 different countries – Great Britain, Germany, Greece, India, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, North Macedonia, Turkey, Ukraine, Sweden and Switzerland. With the highest success rate among Bulgarian doctors – many a good 5.74, Stefan Stefanov graduated, and among the foreign students – Sherifa Mohamed, who graduated with a success rate of 5.48. The diplomas of the winners were personally handed over by the vice-rector – Prof. Neli Grozeva.

For the third year in the Faculty of Medicine, masters in the specialty “Health Management” are also graduating – this year 10 students graduated with an average GPA of an excellent 5.79, among them the two full honors – Mitko Mitev and Petya Hristova.

In the class of 2023, 29 Masters in Health Care Management are also graduating, 10 of whom continued after obtaining a bachelor’s degree in the same specialty, and 19 – after completing a “bachelor” in the specialties “Nursing and Midwifery” . Today was a particularly exciting day for two graduates – the future physician Dr. Lubomir Ludskanov had the good fortune to share the success with his father Rosen Ludskanov, who in turn successfully graduated with a degree in “Health Management”. The festive ceremony ended with the traditional throwing of the academic caps in the sky with wishes for many successes and successful professional realization.

Very soon, the Faculty of Medicine will also send its graduates completing 5 bachelor’s majors. Thus, the total number of graduates within the class of 2023 will exceed 230 people.

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