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A Burgas project, because it was created in Burgas, but in fact it is international and unites the traditions of several countries, left the fans of art in Zheravna breathless. The name “Ritual holidays – unite cultures and hearts!” brings together the holidays and traditions of Ukraine, Bulgaria, Turkey and Spain. The initiator is a private art school, Yuliia Krasovska Art School, Burgas under the leadership of Yuliia Krasovska, and the start was given at the Ethnographic Museum in Burgas. Immediately after the great success, an invitation was sent by the Historical Museum – Kotel and Art Gallery “Hristo Todorov” in Zheravna. Among the authentic lifestyle of antique objects, the participants talked about Christmas holidays and traditions.

In front of the guests in the gallery, in parallel with the paintings, a musical and stage program was presented, in which Valeria Levkivska, project partner and head of the Foundation “Ritual Culture of Ukraine”, Kyiv, took part, the improvisation group at the national community center “Edinstvo – 1870”, the village of Zheravna and the Turkish folklore group at the “Vazrazhdane – 1954” folk community center, the village of Yablanovo.

Those present tasted traditionally prepared sweets and pies by the women from the villages of Zheravna and Yablanovo. They also tasted the traditional Bulgarian and Ukrainian breads of Denitsa Georgieva /bakery “Master Baker” – Burgas/ and drank warm Zheravne tea.

The event was attended by Vasil Reshtov, mayor of Zheravna. From the Municipality of Kotel, the event was honored by: ch. architect, Prof. Stefan Boyadzhiev and publicist Bojana Popova.

Curator of the exhibition: Yuliia Krasovska, executive director of the “Architecture and Art” foundation, owner and head of a private art school, Yuliia Krasovska Art School, Burgas.

The exhibition will be on view at this location until December 12, 2023.

Information for participants in the project “Ritual holidays – uniting cultures and hearts!”:
Private art school Yuliia Krasovska Art School, Burgas;

“Ritual Culture of Ukraine” Foundation, head and co-founder Valeria Levkivska, represented by students of High School No. 14 from the city of Izmail, Odesa region, Ukraine;

Students from Pendik – Marmara University, Abdulkadir Meragi Fine Arts High School from Istanbul, Turkey. With the help of International gallerist and owner of Pinelo Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey – Cem Yustiner;

Students from “Ciudad de Popayan” primary schools and PBNU “Rodina” school, Malaga, Spain. With the help of Petya Kirilova and Antonio Perez – founders of Estreya Bulgarian-Spanish Cultural Center for International Cultural Exchange and Dr. Radka Ivanova, director of PBNU “Rodina” – Malaga.

For the first time, the project was presented in the Ethnographic Museum in Burgas on August 28, 2023. And an exhibition with all the works on August 29 at the NHK Cultural House.

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