6 experts will count the ballots in Pomorie

6 experts will count the ballots in Pomorie
6 experts will count the ballots in Pomorie

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6 experts will perform a forensic-technical, census reporting examination of 10,218 ballots from a total of 49 sections for the election of the mayor of Pomorie Municipality. The case in the Burgas Administrative Court was initiated on the complaint of one of the candidates for mayor of the Maritime Municipality, Veselin Anestiev.

A room has already been provided for the recount of the ballots. This became clear during today’s hearing on the case. The experts will represent all interested parties. “They are mainly professionals from the Municipal Electoral Commission in Burgas – 4 people in number, there are also economists for expertise. I personally believe that they will deal with the task that has been set for them very quickly and very professionally,” explained Veselin Anestiev’s lawyer – Georgi Mihov.

“We have made a proposal for a representative – a member of the Municipal Election Commission – Burgas. A person with a lot of experience in elections, he is aware of the procedure, he is aware of the legislation. We are calm. For all the members of the commission, I am absolutely convinced that they will be objective and will do the job well,” added Ivan Alexiev’s lawyer – Valcho Cholakov.

The next meeting is scheduled for November 23.

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