– news – An ominous message appeared on the trees in Varna – news – An ominous message appeared on the trees in Varna – news – An ominous message appeared on the trees in Varna

Shot Spotted in Varna

A photo of an ominous message pasted on trees appeared on social networks in Varna.

It reports that a sinister and sadistic type is roaming the Medical University area.

Its purpose is to mutilate street cats.

“Good people,

A cruel and sadistic individual has appeared in our neighborhood.

Kills and maims in a particularly cruel way stray cats.

Let’s all stop this madness together.

Tel. 112,” the inscription on the tree urges.

People in the comments are calling for action:

“It’s about time these individuals were not kept anonymous, when it is known for sure about someone like this, upload it with pictures and names, then whatever happens, happens!”

“Last night in Troshevo, on “Yordan Yovkov” street under Dobri Chintulov school, an “immortal” driver hit a kitten in front of many people, including children (young and old, and mine were also witnesses) and didn’t even stop! It happened around 5:30 p.m.

“Cameras are needed everywhere, streets, gardens, there is no other way out. These things happen when there are no people, that’s why no one can take pictures and show evidence, i.e. they mainly happen in the dark part of the day”.

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