Scandalous flyers near a school in Plovdiv

Scandalous flyers near a school in Plovdiv
Scandalous flyers near a school in Plovdiv
A reporter came across a disturbing sight in the Humanities High School area.

Yesterday, numerous flyers promoting the order and purchase of paradise gas were left in the adjacent spaces around the school.

The one we published was one of 10 placed on the tables of an establishment located in close proximity to the high school.

From the leaflet, we understand what types of heavenly gas are offered and the promotions at the moment.

In the price range up to BGN 40, three types are included, which together amount to a value of BGN 100.

For the larger gas bottles, we are left with the impression that the price is “on offer” and two cost BGN 90.

It is interesting that those who wish to receive this product can take advantage of the services around the clock, and delivery within the city of Plovdiv will be free of charge.

Many times the team of has published disturbing footage and incidents related to the use of paradise gas by minors.

We remind you that the sale of natural gas is strictly prohibited, and on September 7 of this year, the deputies adopted restrictions on its use.

They approved that nitrous oxide (greenhouse gas) be used only in food production.

Paradise gas as a food additive is allowed in food production and processing facilities and public catering establishments, when it is used as an additive in the premises for food preparation, provide for the adopted amendments to the Food Act.

The popular refills of paradise gas, which are dangerous to health, especially for teenagers, are banned for sale, including in bars and nightclubs.

The ban applies both to children and to sales to customers over 18.

Paradise gas is used in medicine and dentistry to dull the sensation of pain and directly affects neurotransmitters in the brain.

Currently, among young people, paradise gas is used for entertainment purposes, its inhalation leads to euphoria, detachment from the surrounding reality and an explosion of emotions. Despite its short-lasting effect of 2 to 5 minutes on average, each person is individual and there is not enough medical data on how it affects them.

Through this publication of ours, we hope that the responsible institutions will self-report and stop the free trade of paradise gas before we have another case of a young person with ill health after using it.

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