A restaurant in Plovdiv has proven that there is a free lunch

A restaurant in Plovdiv has proven that there is a free lunch
A restaurant in Plovdiv has proven that there is a free lunch
A Plovdiv restaurant launched a noble cause related to a hot lunch for the elderly and needy people, a reporter told Plovdiv24.bg. The owner of “Trio” Doni Ivanov told us more about the initiative.

“Our idea came from the fact that many elderly people do not have any financial opportunity. Unfortunately, our state has made them count their pennies. Together with the Akademik basketball club, we decided to do it. Our great desire is to achieve the effect” Pass it on”. We want to provoke people in one way or another to do good.”

Every Wednesday from 14.00 to 15.00 people can go to the restaurant and get their hot lunch for free.

Ivanov told us that he will not leave anyone hungry and told us how the first Wednesday of the initiative went.

“We had prepared 100 portions of which we gave away only 30, but we hope that with more response, more people will come. Our visitors did not believe that this thing would exist. Some of them felt ashamed. Every single person has an ego, but they were happy,” he added.

The owner assured us that the campaign will not be a one-time promotion. Ivanov told us that many people have shown a desire to help with food or money. For now, the restaurant only wants to be in charge of the cause, but they are considering doing a second day of the week soon when they give out lunch.

“We do not take money from elderly people. This is our policy. They have given enough to society. Let us give to them too,” he added.

The restaurant has an idea around the Christmas holidays to give lunch to people in need again, even if the day is not Wednesday.

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